[Introduction]: I want to think that my whole world is happy, and that person will be all in my eyes… handsome, mature, safe, I don’t know if I have been edified, it is still my own understanding that people’s thoughts are always different, gradually changing with this society, but I am infected by this society.

Now half a month has passed quickly. Time is always passing by in a hurry. What is left for yourself is a little sorrow, a little happiness, a little touching and a slow reaction, A little helpless and a little expectation. The promise of a year’s waiting will come to an end soon.

Liu’s ex-girlfriend said that there were only two people who knew the details of the two. Even if it was good, only nine of the ten could be achieved, which was not perfect, love is not just a one-sided good thing. Everything needs two aspects. I think it is reasonable.

Work gradually led to the right path, but I also felt annoyed. In a new industry, everything is new, and everything feels so strange. I suddenly feel at a loss..

I don’t know if I used to be a self-intriguing person, but now I finally feel plain is the real life. People always have to experience to really grow up. I thought I would be so mature at first, but I thought I was self-righteous. The world is too complicated, but it is also simple. After seeing through all this, and after some waiting and training, the personality will never change. The thoughts are so naive, I don’t know when my everything will change.

In the future, if someone gives me a second life, I will feel that my whole world is happy, then I will see that person… handsome, mature, sense of security, I don’t know whether it is edified or my own understanding. People’s thoughts are always different. Gradually, with this society changing, but I am infected by this society, but still keep that innocent heart, but the eyes can not hold a sand heart, in a small bleeding. Now it is slowly healing. The expectation is really happy. The idea is really romantic. Fu someone talked to me a few days ago. After marriage, a man has a big masculinity, before marriage, men love to show themselves. After marriage, men will rely on each other. Why do you think so much.

In fact, girls are always fond of fantasy, unless they are too busy to have free time and don’t think about those things, I always like to have words to express some things, because I want to let people know whether these words are written correctly or not, but I find that I can’t use such elegant words or sad words to draw attention. Sometimes I find that I love to express myself and always like someone’s praise. When I do a perfect job for something I don’t know very well, I feel really comfortable there, when I do a good job and someone praises me, I always feel happy in my heart.

Maybe, I am too arrogant, maybe I am too stubborn, everything is self-centered, but there are still a lot of corners in my heart, and my family occupies a piece of land, that belongs to family affection, people who fall in love occupy a piece of land, that belongs to love, friends occupy a piece of land, that belongs to friendship, and another piece of land belongs to oneself, I have a piece of land and always have my own secrets, but the three pieces of land know which one is the most important in my own mind. From a certain moment, I have really understood. Realized.

Looking at others’ bold words and writing my own voice, I also wrote according to the picture of Hulu. I used to like to reprint those sad words to express my feelings, but I thought it was too false, it was not from the words in my hands, but expressed my feelings. Because I always love sad words, and sometimes my mood will be influenced.

The pace of Shenzhen flies fast, but for me, time doesn’t belong to me, and I can’t catch it. All of them are just good memories, because after this day, that day no longer belongs to me, but only for memory.

I miss a voice every day. Maybe only when I hear that voice every day can I feel at ease. I can sleep with a smile every night. Maybe my parents always hope that they are good and say that there are too many chatting and how can there be so many words, what I seek is not that, but that voice can make me feel at ease, just miss

The weekend is over with your fingertips moving. It will be another year soon.

[Responsible editor: Ke Er]]

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[Introduction]: I want to think that my whole world is happy, and that person will…