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An affair

An affair is a romantic history in the journey of life! Have you ever met? You will certainly laugh at each other and be annoyed. You will warn the walls with ears and bow again and again. In today’s society, having an affair seems to be a dose of stimulant during the plain journey. ItRead More



[Introduction] Although the traffic police finally decided that the other party was fully responsible, I was wondering if I had no responsibility at all? If I could be more careful, find the signs of the opposite side turning earlier, and take measures earlier, maybe the collision accident would not happen? It rained heavily, and theRead More



A Yan, a friend, called and said that Dong Mei, a classmate in high school, was married and asked if I could go. There were four classes in the afternoon, so I asked for leave and took a bus to the city in a hurry. After getting off the bus, I was wondering whether aRead More