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Let life

[Introduction]: love, is an eternal topic. Life because there is love and wonderful, life also Because will love touched. Maybe our life is short, but we can make the world because there is love and ever lasting. Love is a harmony with nature, is understanding of harmony. As a teaching career were I, like allRead More



Tonight, it was not late at night that I had already sat in my study, opened the iPad, and began to forget all the tiredness of my day and buried myself deeply in my sky. Turn on the radio and broadcast Jiang Yuheng’s CD, quietly intoxicated in his soft singing. I like his songs, becauseRead More



Today, it was the first snow in winter. The snow was very heavy, and it was indeed falling down one after another. I sat in front of my desk and stared at it, unable to overlook the mountains, I can’t look close to Yuan Ye. I live in a small town, and the high-rise buildingsRead More