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Sit in

In the leisurely afternoon, I sat by the window facing the autumn wind to stretch my freehand brushwork mood. Pour a cup of fragrant tea and look for yesterday’s footprints in thinking; Taste the taste of missing in the teacup; Dance my thoughts on the keyboard! In a flash, it is another autumn. How timeRead More



Today is Mother’s Day! Early in the morning, my daughter bought carnation flowers and cream cake to congratulate my holiday! I was very happy to receive I am gift from my daughter, but several so-called blessing messages disturbed my mood and made me laugh and cry! The Imperial edict arrives: Mother’s festival is coming, andRead More



[Introduction] I learned Lu Xun only when I read Lu Xun’s “Mr. Fujino” and “Runtu” in junior high school. After graduation, I read other articles of Lu Xun one after another, including novels such as Xianglin Sao, Madman diary and other essays of current comments. Recently, when I talked with my son, he suddenly askedRead More