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Let life

[Introduction]: love, is an eternal topic. Life because there is love and wonderful, life also Because will love touched. Maybe our life is short, but we can make the world because there is love and ever lasting. Love is a harmony with nature, is understanding of harmony. As a teaching career were I, like allRead More



[Introduction] it is said on the Internet that iron leaves can clear away heat and toxic materials. Is it because people gradually discovered the medicinal value of iron leaves that they began to grow universally? I always keep an eye on where there are iron trees when I am heartless. In the past, if someoneRead More


Tired, only

I cried and found that I had no arms, so I must learn to be strong. Before I was strong, I could always laugh heartily in front of you; Now, I still laugh heartily in front of you, but crying secretly behind you always seemed to be endless before. Now, I am no longer hurtRead More


Read 《

[Introduction] which direction will the change of text go? Guess: in short, as a symbol, it will not change, which is the biggest characteristic of words. It is possible to turn it into a single basic stroke or a simpler symbol, which is in the aspect of knot! Words, like human beings, have an initialRead More



Who’s the world to look for that familiar past? In whose heart do you feel that there is warmth only for you? Who will miss me and pay tribute to the happiness of my death? The moon came out, and the sun went home. Why don’t you come back? Wake up in spring and sleepRead More



In the morning, sunshine will always visit my windowsill first. Outside the windowsill, the verdant tiger head orchid was still sleeping, and a string of flower buds bent the branches. Outside the door, rape and bean sprouts have just gone through the suffering of last night, and this morning they become more and more green.Read More



[Introduction] what’s wrong with women wearing beautiful clothes! If a woman wants to be beautiful, let herself be beautiful! Accept others’ praise generously! Beauty is the right given to women by God! Just make good use of the rights given by God. Those beautiful clothes are made for women. Why don’t you try them on?Read More