Month: February 2020



[Editor’s note]: maybe life originally lives in dreams or imaginary spaces. A beautiful dream may explain the attachment to him and the yearning for a happy life. Welcome to prose online, and hope to see more excellent works from you. He said he would take me for a ride one day. Sitting behind his motorcycle,Read More



[Introduction]: I used to stay, but that is just a corner arranged in my life. Facing life, but because of life, we chose wandering, wandering in different places. Maybe we haven’t found a place to achieve. Everything is forced by life. We have no choice but to wander because of wandering. From the moment IRead More


Induced children

Dear son! Today is the fifth day of winter, and the weather starts the first snow of this year. Through the glass, when you look at the heavy snow flying outside the window, from your eager eyes, I can see your curiosity and expectation for this snow. However, if you catch a cold, we haveRead More


Into the group

Tell my friends who love literary creation a good news. I joined two writing groups. The first to join is Tencent famous blog === literature group. Yesterday, I joined hand-in-hand Literature 3 and published an article on my blog. I feel a feeling of finding a bosom friend and a home. I wrote a LimerickRead More



The New Year’s Eve of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through hisRead More



One semester passed slowly in ignorance, eating less and sleeping more every day, but as a result, there was not much but a little more brain. Hehe, the feeling of summer vacation may be the most correct. With the end of the exam, our summer vacation is coming! With one tired heart, I started toRead More



I saw the men’s gang, because the ending was entangled for several days. It is the first time that I saw such an episode of tampering with the ending openly again. The director is really awesome. But after all, you have put your sadness in the front, just like you gave the opponent a punchRead More



After dinner, I sat in the clothing store next door. At this time, my mother hurriedly brought my bag and the mobile phone rang abruptly in the bag. My mother said: I didn’t take the mobile phone when I went out, but it kept ringing. Who else will come to me in the evening? ThereRead More


Some Thoughts Concerning

When I was a child, the author who was born in rural areas and more partners all had the honor to join the team of street children. In this team, under the leadership of King of children, we players gathered together every day, playing games, hide-and-seek, picking firewood, picking dung, mowing, and even changing ways,Read More


Dream Girl

Why did you and I meet each other in dreams? A short encounter but disappeared? I understand that there are too many helplessness and regrets in this world! Time is changing, and many things will be diluted, just as the oath of eternal love will disappear one day. Your white T-shirt and long hair dancingRead More