Month: April 2019



[Introduction] quietly, you are coming to me. It must be the fate of the previous life. At that casual moment, you and I were like the guidance of the immortal path, floating in the clouds, trees, flowers and flowers, the Paradise of fairy butterfly flying. Now I think about it, if we change into theRead More


Fleeting Time

Black and White curve, who has fallen? Sadness in the fleeting time is always nowhere to be placed. The wind stopped, leaving only dust falling silently. Everything is like an accident, and everything in the world is just a passing scene of this play. Dear Wei: Do you believe in fate? Maybe you will sayRead More



There are often scenes of Sakura flying all over the sky in cherry blossom Ji “Magic City”. The mottled stars shake off through the cracks of dense branches and leaves. The trees are full of bright cherry blossoms, and the women whose silver hair flies and the robes turn, it is a beautiful picture beyondRead More


6 PCs

14:12 my QQ is very quiet all morning. No one will disturb me. I only know that my heart is beating uneasily, probably for you …… 13:00 missing sometimes can be more real, but I am afraid of mistaking the distance and direction of love and missing your lip kiss… 12:50 just chatting with myRead More


Early meng wei awake

Sitting down in the morning sun, the five fingers beating just compose music for you, the music is fresh like you, and the most beautiful rainbow is like you. Unintentional phase, eyes closed forget person. No one, only dreams, dreams will also move. I know you have been here, even in a dream. I wokeRead More


You beauty

The internet is like water, a pool of sparkling sea water; I am like a boat, a lonely leaf floating in the wind. In the vast blue sea, I never thought about what kind of scenery I would see, nor did I know where I would land, let alone whether I could reach the terminalRead More



[Editor’s note]: The Society is full of all kinds of temptations, and it depends on how we deal with them calmly. All living creatures, thousands of worlds, temptation, beauty or ugliness, can only see the temptation clearly if they have the insight. Temptation is a song of attachment. When you were tempted by him, didRead More



[Introduction] Mr. Zhu Ziqing quoted two poems from Su Shi’s farewell poem “sending an Dun scholar back to the West” written by a scholar named Andun. Old books are never tired of reading for hundreds of times, and people who read and think deeply know it. I remember once when I was a child, IRead More



The stars are all over the sky, and the moon is bright; 45 degrees, the vast sense of silence, only the cigarette at the corner of the mouth is the clearest. Flashing responses. Nine o’clock, the familiar time; Short message is a folded paper plane full of missing; On the other side, is it theRead More



When I prayed for the safety of all people, I suffered an accident and everything was like a dream. Many accidents were caused by temporary negligence. Most of the time I told my child to pay attention to safety, but I had such a careless idea. Fortunately, it was not the child that hurt me.Read More