Month: May 2018



7 yue 22 returned to bridge, my regrets in this lost a paragraph feelings. It is not clear whether I miss this city or the heart of thinking about it. When I came back here full of wind and dust, there were only sunflowers in front of the window, a souvenir at the counter andRead More



[Introduction] we can get to know each other, meet each other, know each other, cherish each other, and even more, God has already arranged it. Since I fell in love with you, I have become more concerned, worried, happy and happy. I like this concern, this worry, this joy, this happiness. Sometimes, even I don’tRead More


Soak in

[Introduction] I felt relieved when I saw the minutes of the first meeting of prose online reorganization editing this afternoon. It seems that “prose Online” will not go to the bottom because of personnel changes. Thanks to the author’s strong support for prose online, we will certainly work hard. I have time today and spendRead More


The Mountain

[Introduction] when the third son went, their love was still there. The Hawthorn Tree with white flowers was witnessing their love and commemorating their innocent feelings. At the end of the story, it is said that life in Jingqiu is very good. Is it in the last sentence said by the third son of Chengqi……Read More


Do a

The mood of the day was not very happy, and no one invited me to provoke me. There was always a slight melancholy and slight loss in my heart. Maybe only you know the reason, and the root of it is because of your own character, because of your competitive character, you always want toRead More



Street lamp Ji had a night self-study in high school. Suddenly he got tired of endless test questions, skipped classes and sat in the small garden of the school in a daze. I can’t remember when it was, maybe it was when the Twilight was slightly hidden, maybe it was when the cool wind turnedRead More



Time flies away, and another spring, summer, autumn and winter will pass away. In a flash, I was over 19 years old, and it seemed that I had lost 19 spring, summer, autumn and winter in my life. In the 19 spring, summer, autumn and winter, four of them were spent in Leshan school. IRead More


Four Seasons

Four Seasons ru he, spring summer long, tozo. Four Seasons are like flowers, spring peach and summer lotus, autumn chrysanthemum and winter plum. Four Seasons are like wonderful girls with different personalities. Spring is sunny and charming, summer is passionate and unrestrained, autumn is bright and delicate, and winter is calm and implicit. Just like:Read More



[Editor’s note]: The heart is the main body of human beings. It is the heart that forms a harmonious society and the heart that makes us rest accordingly. It is a small topic, which can also reflect the boundless love. Taking the class meeting as an opportunity, the article discusses his own views and ethicsRead More


Winter fun

[Introduction] the abnormality of this winter and the sudden fall of heavy snow have brought a lot of inconvenience to people’s production and life, but also brought endless happiness and surprise. People throw snowballs, ski, fight snowballs, take photos and play in the white world, which is really happy without limit. The weather was freshRead More