Month: March 2018



This smoke has been in the university for a long time, but she has given me the emptiness I have never had before! Is it passionate or free? I lingered — for a long time! It seemed that I got the answer I wanted slowly! Several hikers gathered together, playing around or KK songs, drinkingRead More



[Introduction]]: if your lover is a blue sky, you are the gorgeous rainbow in the blue sky. If your lover is the harbor of my heart, you are the boat that stays on the shore. If your lover is the whole forest, you are the one in the forest. The largest tree if my loverRead More



[Introduction]: The happiest distance in the world is that you sit in an Internet cafe, and then a beautiful woman sits next to you. However, you disdain and play with the anti-terrorist elite, and I understand how different you play. Because the warehouse map is not purely responsive, but also tactical. The farthest distance inRead More



[Introduction]: My friend, I know that in the past year, you have been busy in front of your desk; You have the eyes to explore in front of your parents’ bed; You never forget to pay back your lover’s love; the warmth and coldness of children hang in your heart. You won the praise ofRead More



When the sun was about to fall from behind, I stood with a glow. Standing on this dusk campus. In the dusk campus, there were many crowds. I suddenly wanted to think deeply, the world and myself. Today, it slipped inexplicably. Slide over, leaving no trace of my change. What did you have and whatRead More



[Introduction] the best way for me to use literary creation is prose. Because prose is the truest, the freest, the most beautiful, and the most accessible language of human soul. Almost every exquisite prose has a beautiful soul fluttering in it vividly. People should always have some faith to make life meaningful and valuable. IfRead More



In the distance, a lonely bird lingered in the empty sky dragging its tired body. The hoarse and helpless voice floated in the air which seemed to be about to solidify. The Voice spread hard around, even for a long time, I could hear the gradual and clear wailing. Isolated island why lingered about? MaybeRead More



Indeed, I woke up just after 7 o’clock this morning and took out my mobile phone to dial my father’s phone. Unexpectedly, I couldn’t get through after three consecutive dials. I felt a little sad in my heart. Today is so special, why can’t my father get through the phone? When I just wanted toRead More



When I said this, I heard my breath clearly. I think I really can’t live without you-this life, the afterlife, I am willing to stay with you all the time. I have been with you since I was young, with my brothers and sisters. From my memory, you have occupied my whole childhood. If IRead More


After rain

The sky after rain is fresh and pleasant. Looking far away, a piece of green, green crops, rippling in the wind, like the blue sea waves, wave by wave. The grass beside the river stood on tiptoe, looking left and right, eager for butterflies to come and stop. A few wild flowers were washed cleanRead More