Month: February 2017


When I

When I love you again, my heart trembles again and again. I know my problem is not that I don’t love you. It’s just that this love is a bit too extravagant for me. Once I naively thought that I would follow you to the horizon, but the real life made me have to giveRead More



[Introduction] I thought that she in my dream would appear in front of me one day, but year after year, vicissitudes were written in my eyes, and she still didn’t appear. I had to think, dream, to desire, I have asked myself countless times, what else is the purpose of coming here in this lifeRead More



[Editor’s note] the article is very short. The editor originally wanted the author to deepen the content, but when he changed his mind, the world was in a hurry and few people could read a long article patiently. In fact, the text of this article is simple but has something, which is a different style.Read More


Cotton Rain

[Introduction] Somehow, I suddenly thought of the fallen leaves and residual flowers all over the ground, and then I thought of the spring sleep without knowing the dawn. I heard birds everywhere. The rain and rain came at night, and I knew how many flowers fell. Poems. The dense rain lasted for nearly half aRead More


Quiet night

A strange dream woke me up from my sleep, but I couldn’t fall asleep. I looked at the clock casually. It was over 2 o’clock in the middle of the night, rubbing my hazy sleepy eyes, I got up and went to the balcony alone. I didn’t know when the sky began to drizzle. LookingRead More



My daughter’s cheerful voice suddenly came from dongyangtai: the cactus has blossomed! I hurriedly threw down the book and went through the living room to dongyangtai. As expected, the cactus blossom. There are three flowers, and the finished characters are distributed on the top of the cactus. Its yellow flap is like a trumpet singingRead More


Wang Sao

End, so anxious to return home. Just lit a cigarette, I accidentally remembered sister-in-law Wang in my hometown. I am didn’t know the name of sister-in-law Wang, she knew that she was over 80 years old, with two sons and two daughters, and her husband died early. Because of the small seniority, although there areRead More



Last week, I went to the market to buy paper. I met a fellow villager in Luohe who sold words in the calligraphy and painting market. When I said that he was a fellow villager, I would not mention that he was so kind that he was busy giving up his seat. When I, heRead More


In He

Sunny Day, dazzling sun. Yong scattered people, numb hearts, strange streets. I was aimless, a little quiet around me, and my mood was alcohol, which numb my cerebellum and soul. People come and go, who is pursuing, who is waiting, who is escaping, who cares who? I was just a lonely sail boat in theRead More



I don’t know when I can’t sleep peacefully at night. I always wake up inexplicably and face the silence. Tonight I woke up again, my dream was so vivid, as if everything was yesterday. In my dream was a yellow letter, so thin, so light, and so kind, which made me tremble uncontrollably. Tears blurredRead More