Month: May 2016



The snow came without date, the icy and pure dream had rooted in my mind, and the white world had come quietly. The white wedding dress covered with snow is like a quiet bride coming from the sky gracefully, and the silvery fine flowers spread blessings to the world calmly. Because of its arrival, theRead More



[Introduction] when I came back at night, my tear gland was super developed, and my tears couldn’t stop flowing down. Don’t know why. I don’t know why. I can’t speak or think when I cry. But my heart is a little painful. Since ancient times, I have been sad to leave. After all, I stillRead More



When I saw my parents who were eating breakfast in the morning sunshine, a kind of sadness suddenly surged up in my heart. It was obviously the most common morning, and it was no different from the past, but at that moment, it was suddenly sad, accompanied by the pain that followed. At that moment,Read More



[Introduction] in the afternoon, I went to the new Chaoyang shopping mall to do something. When I went downstairs for a long time, I still couldn’t find a parking spot. The place where the car was kept was full. Finally, I had to go to shengshitong mobile phone city to place, just paused at theRead More



Everyone comes out of the womb. In that dark and warm little house, life started to wake up, sprout and grow like a landing seed. Where we can’t see, the breath and rhythm of life are so magical and wonderful. Until one day, we left mother’s pink house happily and hurriedly, and started to walkRead More


This life

Like a long-drought land longing for rain and dew, like a grass longing for the Sun, like a lost person longing for light in the dark night, like a sailing ship looking forward to landing, unable to tell why, I miss him very much, such a yearning! Such sadness! When I sang the song “lovesickness”Read More


X x

In the text, the implication is very profound. You can loosen the imaginary red horse and stretch the wings of imagination as much as you like, even if your thoughts are going to catch up with or exceed the speed of high-speed rail. No matter what happens, it is this unpredictable group of so-called, asRead More


Let me

In the world of mortals, we are always in a hurry. Life is like an endless marathon. The day is also in a hurry, the night is also in a hurry, and it is another spring, summer and autumn East in a flash. Let’s have a rest, let’s stop our hurried steps. Wipe the sweatRead More



Tomb Sweeping Festival Lover shows that Strange City Warm Thoughts Anxiety of headache when waking up after drinking The firecrackers rang and the raindrops gradually became dense Spring repeated come and go Incense hot blazing Rising smoke wind late The first three times to worship Yiren Wine scattered Cup cry Tears corset Back ask heavenRead More


Early Spring

Inadvertently, spring has passed. The breath of spring is smeared with light green on the title page of all things, and the shackles of winter are also in the middle of the sound of Chunhua. Telescope sky, spring comes. Spring came so quietly, overflowing the light green hills, over the humid soil, over the clearRead More