Month: February 2016



[Introduction] as for feelings, I am undoubtedly a loser. I am too addicted to the past and paranoid about my ideals. I am too dull and silent, especially because I attach too much importance to responsibilities and worry a lot, these various reasons make me often hold back. When the car galloped on the ChengduRead More



[Introduction] afternoon. I don’t know when there was a drizzle in the sky. Holding an umbrella, I walked back on the rainy road and wet half of my clothes. It is impossible to describe the mood at this time with the word “bright. In the rapid change of seasons, the weather becomes uncertain. Just twoRead More


The wind

A young man smiling in the wind. He has gone a lot. I am still fondling for the rest. I often remember a certain night/. Starlight fell on the ground. His smile. In front of me not far away. Never lost, never let down. You won’t know how to love someone., often to wait untilRead More



At the end of the semester, my daughter won the third place in the class. Dad kept his promise and awarded her 80 yuan (Dad said that the first prize was 100 yuan, the second prize was 90 yuan, the third prize was 80 yuan, and so on, the tenth prize was 10 yuan). DaughterRead More


A few Silk

I know that a woman’s misfortune begins with weakness. I am such a weak woman who always succumb to his evil power. I often hold fantasies that he will not bother me any more. But he is like a devil, no, like a terrible worm pestering me and torturing me. Once he kept saying thatRead More


For a long time

When I opened the phone, it was a blessing from a number that I hadn’t seen for a long time but was still familiar with. Once upon a time, we were so strange that we were about to forget. We only thought of giving each other a simple greeting occasionally. Forgive me for leaving atRead More


Dream Drunk

I always like to lie in the arms of the night to sort out the thoughts of the day; I always like to release my emotions to the silent night sky; I always like to speak silently to my heart with my mobile phone in the dark night, expressing my happiness and sadness! No oneRead More



Today is the first day of no autumn and winter. There are many words to say to winter when winter comes. Maybe winter also has many words to say to me. Today, let’s open our hearts and chat with each other. I: Hello, Mr. Dong! I’m glad to see you again. What do you thinkRead More


Little Hedgehog

In front of our workshop, there is a small forest and weeds, and small animals often appear. One day as soon as I opened the door of the workshop, I saw a hedgehog beside my Lathe. I was surprised and hurriedly wrapped a piece of cloth and locked it into the toolbox for fear ofRead More