Month: December 2015



[Introduction]: the path of hometown is winding and winding. How much hard sweat does he shed us? On sunny days, there are laughter from our cultivation, and in the wind and rain, there are also the figures we snuggle up to each other. Two decades later, I returned to my hometown, a mountain of myRead More



[Introduction] small wine glasses on the table of eight immortals filled the sincere affection of Tujia compatriots one by one. The Wine Song started again, and the sweet singing of A- Mei drifted in the mountains, the graceful posture is like a butterfly dancing in the golden sunshine in the afternoon, the quiet cottage isRead More


That year

[Introduction] I always find that I have gone far after the time has passed! When I left my hometown with my luggage on my back, it reflected my decisive back. I never looked back! I was afraid that my eyes would burst into tears when I looked at my parents’ kindness. In the struggle, IRead More


No rain

The cold breeze outside the window drifted into the room. At night, quietly, the noise in the factory in the past seemed to disappear. Everything sank into sleep in the cold night wind. The feeling of silence is really good, the wind is like the dexterous and slender fingers, plucking the strings of the night,Read More


Han Palace

[Introduction] the world of motherhood itself contains infinite solemn and honest words, which are expressed vividly by a play, reaching almost perfect and impeccable perfection, and interspersed with the competition between love and being loved, I have to admire the author’s superb handling skills and the actors pinching them properly. If you believe that thereRead More



Health is like a true friend, and I don’t know how precious it is until I lose it. Nothing can be exchanged for health. A healthy body is more valuable than a crown. Rest is the nanny who nourishes the tired spirit. A healthy body is the living room of the soul, and a sickRead More


Recalling child

The smoke of that year, mixed with pale yellow twilight, swept over the tiles of the old roof with the green painting. In the misty, I saw your immature eyes. You, as young as me, are measuring the distance from the sunset with your steps. Innocent chanting repeated numbers. Of course, you didn’t notice thatRead More


Westward Journey

Even if I don’t have the chance, I still look forward to the Chinese Valentine’s Day waiting for you to have a lifetime of lingering, but I am afraid that the wind and dust of thousands of miles will lose your Trace. Your voice on the phone gives me a trace of reverie. Five HundredRead More



Recalling my childhood, I had Innocence, happiness, freedom and beauty. He didn’t give me the trouble of going to work, the pressure of working, and the burden of my life. I grew up in a beautiful mountain village in my childhood, where I had a lot of memories and happiness, unlike the busyness and invasionRead More



When you are on the other side of the mountain, I am on the lonely road without end. The complicated and complicated flowery rhetoric became pale and feeble under the clear and powerful mind, whether it was because of the lack of topics or the lack of real words. It seems that the words relatedRead More