Month: July 2015



[Introduction] we should learn the spirit of revolutionary martyrs to make our life more meaningful and valuable, that is to say, to live a meaningful and valuable life. Use our wisdom and labor to create and contribute our own strength to the era we live in …… open today’s calendar and see the following famousRead More



[Introduction] when it is fragile, the fragile factors are always stimulated together and flooded out of control. I think of the lonely alley that I walked alone in recent days, which is dim. In recent days, in the battle with blood and tears, I have heard of carsickness, seasickness and airsickness, and I feel thatRead More



That night, Su pushed the window coffin to wake me up. Let’s go. As cold as water, I followed him quietly for five steps. He just lowered his head and walked forward without any intention to talk to me. It seemed that the meager light of the street lamp didn’t have the courage to lightRead More



Our side is not lack of happiness, but lack of hearts that understand happiness. After watching Chopsticks Brothers’ latest movie winner, I suddenly thought of this sentence. In the story, Wang Dali is a rich man. His values and motto are that he has money first and then himself. He has a beautiful wife, aRead More



If you live, you should be younger! We yearn for passionate years. I am young and proud! We look forward to the youth! Youth is a kind of capital to show off, youth is also a kind of elegant demeanour, a kind of positive life elegant demeanour! You will have overwhelming momentum, and you willRead More



I don’t know when to start, I always want to write something. No matter how I write it, it feels bleak and bleak. Maybe it is really a young man who doesn’t know the feeling of sorrow. Why not say sorrow for the new poem? I don’t know that I always want to get ridRead More


Summer Dream

I dreamed of a large sunflower field. There is also warm sunshine all over the body. Then, I woke up. On the Internet, Duke of Zhou said: Dreaming of Sunflower is a symbol of happiness. Finally, smile. [1] Bodhisattva’s birthday tomorrow. I went to the temple to pray with my family. Recently, everything was notRead More



[Introduction] looking up at the sky, the silvery moon hung on the horizon, and the stars in the sky blinked at us constantly. Recalling my childhood, my mother told us the sad love story of the Cowherd and the Weaving Maid, and told us the specific location of these two stars. The sun was likeRead More



[Introduction]: whenever I think of this, I am full of gratitude to my parents and boyfriend. My parents have been supporting me silently without giving me any pressure; The afterglow of the sunset shone on the No. 22 license plate. My sister got on the car with her five-year-old nephew. In the orange color peculiarRead More



[Introduction] mom, please forgive me. The road I took was my choice. I have no complaints. Yes, the child will live a poor life because of my choice, and will not get the same warmth as the children of the same age, but at least she can grow up in such a difficult environment, sheRead More