Month: June 2015


Q line

Every time I log on to QQ, there is a kind of yearning surging in my heart. I can’t even tell myself when it will be rooted in my heart. If you don’t see you on the Q line, a sense of loss will arise spontaneously. When you see you on the Q line, aRead More



[Introduction] What is home? Home is a warm corner of Hong Kong, a relaxing place for people, a place where relatives and relatives get together, and a good place for healing, but in a year, I have never been back home several times. On Thursday, April 8th, 2010, the rain turned sunny. Last night, itRead More



[Introduction] in this small world belonging to me, I can watch TV, read books, and lie down for a while. This is my territory, I am my master. I suddenly felt that life was not as bad as I thought. My daughter’s classmate came to play at home. At that time, the house was boisterous,Read More



When the past was lost by clouds and mist, when the ink soaked the blue sky, the vast sky was no longer vast. ——- Not everyone has the opportunity to stand at the original crossroad again and walk on an endless barren land. They have long forgotten how and how they came to this silentRead More



In the scorching sun, the sky was like a glass of water dripping with pure blue ink. After dilution, it became light blue and light blue. In the visible view, there are a few white clouds floating lazily in the sky, either far or near. Occasionally there are planes passing through the high air, leavingRead More



Get up in the morning and run outside with friends. I ran desperately and breathed the fresh air in the wild. I just felt confused and annoyed, but my friends might not know. I tried my best to get rid of it, but I couldn’t get rid of it! The thoughts that keep cutting andRead More



In fact, I don’t like it, but I love him and have a girlfriend? What do you want to do? My friend said, I smile bitterly, alas! What can I do? His girlfriend is my benefactor. Did he break up? What are you going to do? My friend said, I am still silent, alas! WhatRead More



[Introduction]: still late in the classroom, tables and chairs have moved row by row, but it seems that the moving time has become a gray memory. Naturally go to the original position. I thought it was because of the confusion in the early morning. I didn’t even notice my desk, so I went straight toRead More


Play soil

[Introduction] Nowadays, there will never be any children engaging in this dangerous game, and no parents will allow their children to participate in this kind of activity. Even martial arts, boxing, kicking ball and other activities are seldom cultivated. Unless you don’t know how to read, you don’t agree even if you have a goodRead More



1. Lunch at noon today, I managed to fry myself a dried tofu. How could I know that my meal was not cooked, like porridge, and I had no appetite at all. Really pain. A person lives freely, but suffers. 2. The climax of loss all plans are far behind the changes. My half-day planRead More