Month: May 2014


Leave not

In this cool space, I played with the straw rope symbolizing the so-called happiness on my wrist. Suddenly, the straw rope broke, and the purple beads fell to the floor one by one from the wrist. No sound could be heard, and quietly passed by quietly. Holding my hands tightly, I tried to keep something.Read More


For a long time

[Introduction] I don’t know if there will always be such a beautiful and mature female figure in the bottom of the hearts of many young men, just like the fragrance between young Baoyu and Qin Keqing in the fairyland of police fantasy. Unwilling to admit that this is Oedipus complex, which may stem from theRead More



[Introduction] don’t be busy, even if you have finished writing, although you are full of economics and rich, if you don’t have the pride of Wang Bo’s writing and the talent of Cao Zhi’s seven-step poem, you ‘d better change it! Due to the need of work and the limitation of major, it is naturalRead More


wu yue

dear, after the spring rain, the whole street is full of the oil fragrance of poplar leaves. Walking under that tree, I breathed the fresh air and began to feel the beauty of spring. Closing my eyes, I imagined: standing here quietly with you, sucking the fragrance of this tree together. A gust of windRead More



[Introduction] the value of a piece of art lies in its personality, uniqueness and uniqueness, but isn’t it true for our children? His value also lies in his irreplaceable nature. I am born to be useful. But why should we insist on uniformity …… a few days ago, a junior two student in Baqiao districtRead More



The proprietress in the noodle restaurant poured a bowl of steaming noodle soup, which was a black coarse porcelain bowl. Xiao Mo drank half of it, and the proprietress filled it up again. Xiao Mo ate a bowl of noodles, and the rain dripped on the wooden table along his cheek. I slowly put downRead More



That night, the drizzle drifted in the sky, as if people were singing and crying, telling the whispers of soul. All of a sudden, a black car rushed towards me like a bohemian wild horse. My uncle’s body floated lightly and the blood splashed and became the spray in the rain, the bright red patchRead More


Senior High School Memoirs 3 (Records of the resentment between teachers and students)

I asked myself that in high school, I could be regarded as keeping myself in peace. Although I had never done a good thing to win honor for my class, I must have never made a big mistake that would make teachers lose face, there are occasional small mistakes such as being late, which shouldRead More


Playboy men’s

Maybe at this time, your wife prepared the meal, put the table, set the bowl and chopsticks, and waited for you to come back to share the dinner together. But the food is from hot to cold but you are nowhere to be seen. She kept calling your mobile phone and always got: Sorry, theRead More