I don’t want to stay in Shandong. I also want to go back to Xi’an.

I want to go back to school. I will always be with that female classmate.

I don’t want to work. I don’t want to talk to them. I don’t want to be with them.

Who can help me?

My August: 01

I don’t want to at home.

There is nothing at home. There are two parts of daily life: a broken computer without internet connection and a broken car that can ride to the market far away to surf the Internet. I have been tired of such a life for a long time. Therefore, I spent 15 yuan to buy a radio, hoping that I could not let my life be so boring. No one thought more boring.

I am alone in this world when I sleep quietly and wake up quietly every day.

Why, I want to live such a life. Or am I destined to be lonely in my life?

My classmates!

Whether I am still writing sad things until now. I told you the same thing at the beginning that I wrote for fame.

However, now, I finally know that writing is not for fame, but for those decadent things.

I thought about giving up.

If you give up now, it means giving up.

I can’t lose a tomorrow that belongs to my future.

My August: 02

Children’s Hearts are inevitably hurt in reality.

The so-called relatives, play with me.

Do you think I am so stupid? Playing with me like this, nothing. The. That. Then do you think you will come again after everything goes on? Dignity!

Wasting my time and money. Not where it.

When I grow up, something of humanity enters my world.

My August: 03

July continues August, and my mood is good and bad.

Every time I go to a place, I always work hard and work hard, but the reality is realization. I am the same as you. I will follow you to leave the hell place.

See some man. I also spoke to those people. Who is the passer-by in who’s life? Is it me or you? I shouldn’t have come to these places.

My August: 04

Who will listen to such a lot of words?

Who is willing to listen? Who would like to share my sadness and loneliness?

Only change is my only choice.

In the past, I liked to talk but didn’t talk. In the past, I liked to laugh but now I become indifferent. I used to spend money recklessly until now I only go shopping when I feel hungry.

The long hair before changed into short hair. The former yellow hair turned into black hair.

I know I can’t afford to squander any more.

My August: 04

All these shouldn’t have come.

I clearly see my precious youth 1.1 point loss of clean.

I know my tomorrow is gone, and it has already gone.

I and to be strong.

I don’t want my youth to be so simple.

I want to get my tomorrow back.

[Editor in charge: Dielianhua]]

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I don’t want to stay in Shandong. I also want to go back to Xi’an.…


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I don’t want to stay in Shandong. I also want to go back to Xi’an.…