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[Introduction]: Love is a full life, just like a glass full of wine. Love flows in life with the mellow fragrance and sweetness like intoxicated wine. Love this cup of wine, some drink bitter, some drink sweet, some drunk in it, some bitter in it. My heart thrilled her waves on the coast of the world, and wrote her inscription on it with tears: I love you. Tagore, at dusk yesterday, I looked at today’s morning post and saw the report that Hang Cheng was fascinated by the floating dust yesterday. I am amazed at the power of the sand and dust weather in the north, and even Hangzhou was affected by it, which made it Dusty. I looked up to see that the dusk sky was still gray, so I called to ask when my husband would go home, and I was ready for dinner. My husband said: I still haven’t finished the experiment, so I have to work overtime. I come back late, so I don’t have to wait for dinner. I put down the phone and started cooking. I was cooking while looking at the sky outside the window, thinking of Tagore’s words the dusk sky. In my opinion, it was like a window, a light, a waiting behind the light. At this moment, I deeply understand the profound connotation of this sentence. At dusk, there will always be a pair of eyes waiting for the lover to return home, and a happy heart waiting for the family to have dinner together. He came home late tonight. I was afraid that my daughter would be hungry. After dinner, we had dinner first. Dinner without a husband on the table is really like a dinner without a glass of wine, without some gentle sentiment and an elegant atmosphere. I looked at the dinner full of love on the table and tasted it slowly. I always felt something was missing. My daughter ate happily and said: Mom, this dish is really delicious! I smiled and told her to eat more. The leftover I ate last meal was also very fragrant. I wanted to eat it, and my husband ate fresh vegetables when he came home. The temptation of delicious food is irresistible sometimes. I felt too full after eating that bowl of rice and dishes. My husband used to be at home, I am didn’t have to eat so much. We could share leftovers. After dinner, I browsed the news on the computer. My husband arrived home at 10 o’clock, and I served him hot food. Watching him eating, I said: You are not at home today. I am too full of leftovers and my stomach is uncomfortable. I want to wait for him to praise me, or say something worried about me to comfort me. But my husband said slowly: This illustrates a problem. I said: What’s the problem? Ha ha, my husband’s answer made me stunned for a long time and finally squatted on the ground with my belly covered and laughed. Many friends couldn’t guess this answer, because I wrote it in my blog mood last night, saying that the one my friends guessed correctly had Prizes. So far, no one gets the prize. My husband’s answer was: this meant that you didn’t miss me at home. If you missed me, it would be that you didn’t think about food and tea, and you didn’t regret that your clothes were getting wider and wider, which made you Haggard. You are so full when I am not at home. It also means that you are out of sight and I am not upset, which does not affect your appetite. Right? After listening to my husband’s answer, I saw him laughing badly. I suddenly understood his intention. I was silent for a while, and I gently immersed the bowl of my heart into this silent moment, it is full of love. Ha ha, this man, I can’t help laughing out tears. The song feels infinite in the sky, the picture feels infinite on the ground and in the heart of the lover, happiness is an infinite gentle song, a painting of infinite warmth, humorous ridicule is like a string of happy notes hitting the heart, and it is also like a fresh and elegant ink landscape painting spreading in the heart. Happiness and joy are rippling in this laughter, what permeated the cabin was the pleasant, sweet and harmonious sound. Love is a full life, just like a glass full of wine. Love flows in life with the mellow fragrance and sweetness like intoxicated wine. Love this cup of wine, some drink bitter, some drink sweet, some drunk in it, some bitter in it. I want to say that for the beloved, keep an eternal love and take his happiness and happiness as your own happiness, then you will enjoy the nectar of love. Understanding and tolerance between husband and wife are the main colors of love, and occasionally friendly jokes are also the blending agent of love. As long as it is true love, you can feel the warmth of love and the comfort of love regardless of whether you hear it or not. Speaking of this, I think of a classic joke that my friend once said. One day, my friend’s wife asked him: Am I beautiful? He replied: of course! His wife asked him again: Do you fall in love with me because I am beautiful? He said: YES! Ask again: which part of my body do you think is the most beautiful and you love it most. After he answered the result, she waved her pink fist and hit him hard. My friend asked me to guess what he answered to his wife? I didn’t guess for a long time, and finally he said what he answered was: I like your hands most, the waving hands when I saw you off the bus and out of the door. I immediately called my classmate and told him that you were on a business trip. Hehe, a real joke, when she was far away from home, her classmates would go to his home to make troubles in heaven, and nobody would take care of her. The little fist hitting him was actually a kind of tenderness of love. It is a classic statement of China’s Millennium love, isn’t it? I also felt the happiness of the couple in the tears of laughter. Sweet words in life are love, silent eyes are love, praise is love, an encouraging word is love, and a comfortable joke is love. As long as you hold the sincerity of love in your heart and pour out the true feelings of love, the ever-changing language of love will shake the ripples of joy in your lover’s heart. All the answers are filled with the fragrance and sweetness of love. Just as Tagore said: my daytime Flower drops its forgotten petals. In the dusk, this flower matures into a golden fruit of memory. We left too much in the hurried life. We collected the titbits of love gently and put away the drops of love gently. In our dusk and twilight years, we will become golden fruits of memory and taste its fragrance, after recalling its sweetness, the silky feeling will become a clear spring, moistening our deep hearts. When my heart rushed her waves on the coast of the world, she wrote her inscription with tears: I love you. 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