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[Introduction]: Spring in the North is windy and strong, and there is a saying that spring breeze does not blow spring buds. The wind blew, mixed with yellow sand, dark, straight to the mouth of the person. But today, the sun is sunny, there is no trace of wind, the sky is pure blue, andRead More


In case

Far away, you walked towards me from the wide range of sight. I stood still and greeted lightly, trying to have no expression and no expectation. A few seconds of instantaneous conversion pushed you in front of me. In this way, accept a person calmly, from a distant city to a close intimacy. Full ofRead More



I have been lying for nearly a week, and I feel much better, so I want to sneak out for a while. In the afternoon, the infusion speed is secretly adjusted a little faster, and I have been intravenous drip for more than two hours, it took an hour and a half to get OK.Read More