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400 article need to inherit and carry forward the traditional excellent culture

For reference and appreciation only! A. Injustice, draw out a sword. Talk about injustice, draw out a sword. In ancient times, it was not only when I met acquaintances or brothers and friends. It means that when seeing the weakest and poorest people suffering from unfair treatment, they will see injustice and draw a sword to help each other. The older you go, the more warriors and touching stories there are. The further we went, the less we went until the feudal society fell. Ten years after the Cultural Revolution, it fell to freezing point again, and began to pick up gradually in the late 1980 s. Now it has entered a stage of rapid development, but it is not the fastest stage. It is temporarily suppressed by indifference, because people are afraid of doing good things, the incident of Little Yueyue could explain this problem well if he worried that good deeds would not be reported well and good intentions would not be reported well. It is estimated that in about ten years, the economic development will come up and the Spiritual Civilization will keep up, and then it will gradually enter the stage of rapid recovery. Because, the gene of the fine tradition of acting bravely is still deposited in the souls of Chinese people, and it just takes time to wake up. This is the reason why there is a trend of increasing year by year in Hubei and the whole country. To be continued II. The core values of culture and science that everyone must respect must be learned and mastered, and the principles should be clarified to find methods, just like the theorems stipulated in subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry, etc., which are unchangeable and undeniable science. It has the spirit of poetry and calligraphy, and it should be clear that benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and faith are the categories of theory in traditional culture. It is the thought and purpose of Confucianism, the way of culture and the way of enterprise development, however, Taoism gives us specific guidelines for action in philosophy and behavior, such as being kind to the water and virtue, Taoism and nature, etc. III. In our ideology, the core values of the Chinese nation must be attached importance to and reflected in behaviors and language, which is the concrete embodiment of everyone’s self-improvement and self-reliance. Four. Art is Buddha, and Buddha is also art, specializing in Pure Land thinking and harmony is not only an art, but also a firm (Communist) belief, it is also one of the directions and cultivation of firmly developing towards the road of harmony, because it specializes in Pure Land, thinking about harmony, which is ongoing and moving at any time and any place. Therefore, it requires us to treat all aspects of our life cultivation with the noblest and strictest requirements anytime, anywhere and every moment. The minimum requirement is to achieve the realm of no desire and no self. If more than half of the people in the world understand the essence of Buddhism and harmonious science and art in Buddhism, and insist on believing in this art and behavior every day, then at least they will not get sick or get sick less, at least it will form a relatively satisfactory state of enlightenment, thus saving energy and resources and achieving a significant role in alleviating global climate warming. If everyone in the world, every enterprise has the benevolent mind of Bodhisattva, doing more good deeds, doing more good deeds, trying not to do bad things and making fewer mistakes, then the problem of global climate warming can be solved quickly, so Buddhism is future communist society best lifestyle one, I think in 100 or 200 years or can play a significant role, meanwhile, implementation of humanistic is to communist society first step, this is especially true in management and life. 5. Don’t forget the benefits. Don’t forget the benefits. 6. Hengleng pointed to thousands of people, bowed his head to the spirit of love and loyalty to the people. Dare to plead for the people and shoulder the spirit of arousing the pride of the Chinese nation and supporting the backbone of the nation. VII. Family interests are higher than everything else. Without a country, there is no family. If a country is not rich, it is unstable. If a people is not rich, the country is not strong. The two are philosophies of dialectical unity. Personal interests must always be put second, and money only exist, only when realizing its own value for the national interests can it show its maximum value. Eight. In our ideology, the core values of the Chinese nation must be taken seriously and reflected in our behaviors and language. 9. Children love money and take it properly. X. Understand what is the importance of focusing on the harmony of pure land and how to focus on the harmony of Pure Land, so as to know how to temper your mind and reach the realm of enlightenment as soon as possible, understand the scientific essence of harmonious art in traditional humanistic culture, enhance the scientificity of learning methods, enhance the coordination between man and nature, and better understand the objective laws of nature, spirit and science, make the individual reach a higher level in these aspects in the future. 11. The joy of Tao is the basic quality that seven senses must cultivate to prove nirvana. Understand the law of cause and effect, the method of origin, the method of cause and effect, the Amitabha Sutra, the Diamond Sutra, the infinite longevity Sutra, the Mahayana Buddhism, specialized in Pure Land, the method of four shots, the method of four shots and, great grief curse, all laws are empty and indifferent. Understand that there is only one true love, only one true heart, Buddhism is the education of wisdom, Buddhism is the method of wisdom, breaking evil and showing justice, reaching the educational realm of perfection and perfection of all living beings in the nine Dharma fields, so as to achieve the effect of anti-corruption education. 12. A good day is the prosperity and reunification of the motherland, the beautiful environment and the well-being of the people! On the contrary, if this big aspect is damaged, for example, the environment is severely damaged, the good life will not last long, and it is basically impossible to live a good life. 13. What kind of individual and enterprise should take national interests, people’s interests and collective interests as the interests above all, followed by family interests and love their lover, and the third is personal interests. When it conflicts with the former interest direction, it must obey the first interest unconditionally. XIV. Culture is the direction and determines everything. Chinese culture is extensive and profound, with harmony as the most precious culture, people-oriented culture, the culture of harmony between man and nature and the essence of Chinese studies, benevolence, righteousness, etiquette, wisdom, the traditional fine culture, such as the letter culture and the essence of Chinese Studies, The Book of Changes, must be inherited. Raofeng to be continued, the pen name is South Bridge Rao Haocheng (net name: success is in sight) on January 14th, 2012, it was in Husi town, Jiangxia district, and was revised in South Bridge of Jiangxia the next day. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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