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[Editor’s note] a day’s life is complicated and full, and a day’s life is simple and happy. The simple and elegant words convey the mentality of contentment and happiness, and the little narration expresses the peaceful and far-reaching state. On Thursday, March 5th, 2009, it was cloudy in the morning and light rain. Dawn came slowly in my sweet sleep, and spring rain fell quietly from the sky. As in the past, I got up in my wife’s shouts, which meant that breakfast was ready and waiting for us to enjoy. I am afraid of the cold. I try to get up late in the winter morning. I can get up late after one minute, and fully enjoy the happiness and warmth of sleeping late. Of course, sometimes I am not happy to sleep late, not to mention warm, but I just want to stay in bed. It will arrive at 7: 30, which is the time for me to start walking to work. Before going to work, my wife said to me: it’s light rain, and the ground is a little wet. When I knew it, I said lazily, thinking that it would rain well. This year is too dry and the air is too dry. I like rainy days, and I am happy when I hear it rains. No, when I walked down the stairs and stepped into the wet ground, I felt that the rain last night was not small? Enough style. Stepping into the highway, you can see the oily asphalt pavement, smell the clean air, make people feel relaxed and happy, and feel the beauty of visitors in the air. People who are busy at work come and go in a hurry. Some drove, some took buses, some walked, and the morning exercise were running. They started today’s life in their favorite way. Stepping into the office, I saw that the door of the office was still locked. Open the lock, open the door, sign in, press the computer switch, and pour out yesterday’s old tea during the boot process, brew today’s new tea and start the beating of this diary. When knocking on the keyboard, there are students from my class asking: teacher, do you adjust your position today? It’s a waste of time to adjust the position in the morning. I said: No. I continue to write my diary. After a while, two students came to ask me the same question. I was really a little impatient, so I changed my mind a little. Then go to both sides in the middle, and go to the middle on both sides. Sit like this first, immediate delivery without delay. Then I am fine-tuning according to the actual situation. The students went happily. I am thinking about the teaching content of the first lesson. Today I want to talk about a new lesson. I opened the textbook and saw the study of two ancient poems. One is “farewell to Dong Da”, the other is “send yuan er envoy Anxi”, the two capitals are poems to send farewell to friends, the second scene description is very similar to today’s scene. Wei chengchao is light and dusty, and the guest house is green and Willow. Today’s life: give students a talk about the habit of developing education, have classes, correct students’ homework; Play table tennis, talk to their bosom friends and colleagues, and read news online, looking at e-books on a computer without Internet access, what I saw was “three years in a dream” by Chen Xiaoxu, the actor of Lin Daiyu in the TV series “A Dream of Red Mansions”; Skipping rope, taking a walk, doing gymnastics, stretching arms, curved waist. After reading “three years in the dream” intermittently, it was really not enough and I wrote too little. What a memorable book it would be if the author wrote down all the important scenes of shooting “A Dream of Red Mansions, what a pity, what a pity, now the author died young, it is really a pity. After leaving school at 11:30, after sending the students out of the South Road outside the school, I walked home alone. Because the table tennis exercise before school consumed part of my physical strength, I really felt a little tired. Because I have been walking to work for more than a semester, and I have been walking and running on the playground for a long time, my walking speed has been relatively fast. After I got home, I hurried to soak the rice in water, filter it and clean it up. I added hot boiled water, plugged in the power supply, covered it with strainer and steamed buns, then left the kitchen. Entering my study, Turn on the computer power to surf the Internet. Surprisingly, the computer didn’t start up normally. I thought it was broken. It must have been a conflict between the system restore software installed last night and the one-click restore software. I turned off the power and restarted it again, still can’t enter the picture. How to do? I had to turn off the machine again and tried to restore it with one click to see if it could work. After The f11 key was pressed, the system ran and entered the page of one-click Recovery. I felt that there might be a door? Just read idle books while waiting. After one-click recovery, the computer restarted, patiently waiting, the computer picture reappeared, a frustrating computer accident was solved by me, of course I was a little happy, if not, reinstall the system is not a problem that will be solved in a short time. The sunny afternoon brings warmth to people. I like warm weather. After 4: 30, after the students left school and escorted them out of the South Road outside the school gate, I returned to the playground and stepped on the plastic floor to start the free activity time. Sometimes I run around the playground for a few laps. More often, I take a walk and walk quickly. I am happy with sports, sports make time stay, Exercise makes people absorb more free oxygen and be healthier. After walking, I jumped rope skipping for a while and played table tennis for a while. After the bell rang at 5: 30, it was time to finish the office. I stepped out of the campus, walked to the end of the day’s work, and started the time of free relaxation again. After entering the family area where I lived, I entered the corridor where I lived, stepped onto the building, opened the door and saw that my wife had prepared a relatively rich dinner. After dinner, I entered my life which I had been accustomed to for many years. I turned on the radio, listened to music songs quietly for a while, and then went to bed to read books around me. After reading for a while, I began to get out of bed and planned to enter the next round of walking in the evening. I walked out and entered a new world of freedom. In the empty world on the square, have a close conversation with the wild flowers and herbs of nature and enjoy the beauty of your bosom friend in life. After returning home, I took off my coat and went to bed again, and started another round of reading. 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