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[Introduction] Aunt Su, I’m really sorry. Your mercy did not awaken my sleeping conscience. In the process of mediation, I still said against my will that you crossed the common road and didn’t supervise the minors properly in order to extort responsibility for yourself. Aunt Su, can you forgive my selfishness? Aunt Su, I want to say sorry to you that Aunt Su passed away a few years ago. After hearing the news, I was a little surprised. Somehow, the guilty heart suddenly had an idea of apology: Aunt Su, really, I want to say sorry to you! I wonder if you can hear it when you are away from heaven? In the early morning of late autumn, there was a sense of coolness. The hazy autumn frost covered the Earth, which was dense and blurred the front of the road. On the muddy soil Road, the bicycle was struggling to turn left and right. Looking at the time, it is almost time to go to work. I am anxious. No, I have to speed up. I tried my best to ride the bike. After the rain, the sand and mud rolled into the chain of the bike, making a sound of sand and sand, but the wheels stopped. I jumped off the bike by myself, shook the silt in the mud protection shell, and pushed the car forward slowly. Finally, I pushed the car to the top of the road, and the road below was a turning slope. That’s great. I stepped onto the bike excitedly, letting the inertia and indulgence fly. Autumn Frost kissed my eyebrows and hair, and mud splashed on me. I have no time to take care of these. I just want to get to the unit earlier. When turning the corner, it was not good. There was a child running in front of the road, followed by two adults accompanying to school. In a panic, the brake was pinched tightly, and the brake failed. The bicycle was like a wild horse running forward crazily, leaving my mind blank. At the moment when the car was about to run over the child, it was not only because of the eagerness to protect the calf or the maternal love, but also because of your Aunt Su who turned around to protect your granddaughter with her body. There was a violent collision between the bicycle and you, and you slowly fell down. With a Splash, I also flew out with the self-study car and fell heavily on the ground. In other people’s convulsion call and your granddaughter’s wailing cry, I suddenly got up. My frightened heart was extremely cold. I pulled your hand to help you get up, my behavior was stopped for fear of your stroke. At this time, your face turned pale, and your weak breath seemed to solidify. Others held you down in the crowd, half a ring. Oh, you seemed to wake up from a sleeping dream and asked with amnesia: where am I? The yellow and white food spurted out of your mouth and poured down. While wiping away the dirt from your mouth, I helped you sit up. Your clothes were splashed with mud, and the red and swollen blood from the back of your head stuck to your scattered flowers and hair, you groaned one after another, and I felt painful. Then, I picked up you, stopped a bus and went straight to the prefecture-level hospital. Along the way, I kept urging the driver to hurry up, hurry up! My hanging heart was in a panic, I was scared, Aunt Su! In the following days, through doctor consultation, you have a slight concussion except skin abrasion, and you need to be hospitalized for several days. On the second day of hospitalization, you lay peacefully in the hospital, sipping porridge. Aunt Su, do you know how happy I am! During the conversation, I learned that you have a idle husband and a pair of sensible children. My children have already got married, and they all go out to work. In addition to picking up your granddaughter, you have to be busy every day. It can be seen that you must be a diligent and virtuous mother. In a flash, more than ten days passed, and you were eager to leave the hospital. Although your thought of leaving the hospital was strongly opposed by your husband, your attitude was absolutely determined. The reason is that the back of a person’s head can be touched and cannot be seen. My own children are also driving, so there is no mistake for people. Besides, there are still a lot of things at home that you need to do in person. From your words, you have forgiven my fault. Aunt Su, I am really sorry that your mercy did not awaken my sleeping conscience. In the process of mediation, I still said against my will that you crossed the common road and didn’t supervise the minors properly in order to extort responsibility for yourself. Aunt Su, can you forgive my selfishness? Imagine: On that day, I got up earlier, and the tragedy might not happen! On that day, I checked the brake in advance, maybe the tragedy would not happen! On that day, I slowed down a little, maybe the tragedy would not happen! On that day, it didn’t rain and the road wasn’t slippery. Maybe tragedy wouldn’t happen! There are not so many possibilities, and everything is a foregone conclusion. Aunt Su, please forgive me for my temporary fluke and negligence, which caused you unbearable pain. Maybe it was that unintentional injury that caused you to die too early; It made you unable to enjoy your happiness, let your relatives lose the pain of your close relatives, and let you go alone in another world. At this moment, outside the window, it was another rainy day, and the muddy road was still extending. But by the tears flying outside the window, can you represent me to confess for Being Late: rest in peace, Aunt Su! May you go all the way to heaven! If there is an afterlife, I will double compensate you, Aunt Su, really, sorry! 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