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Colombian soldiers

[Introduction] seeing me getting older, my parents were very anxious. I found one for my neighbor in the local area. Under the control of both parents, I entered the palace of marriage. After work, I visited the Internet cafe and unconsciously came to Zoucheng Internet cafe under the traction of light. Browsing every post carefully,Read More



Finally received his letter, I think what will he say in the letter? Holding the letter in my hand, my heart was fluttering and jumping, and I dared not open it immediately, although I had been looking forward to it for a long time. After two classes in the evening, my mood finally stabilized. IRead More



2011 nian 12 yue 30 ri, Friday. Sunny. Yesterday, the group company informed all personnel to participate in the long-distance race around the lake in the new year. Soon after I went to work in the morning, I heard the whistle, and the group staff had already begun to gather to prepare for the long-distanceRead More