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xin san

[Introduction] just like each of us, we all treasure an umbrella. Or happiness, anger and sorrow, or confusion and wandering, or sadness and joy, whether it is wind or rain, whether it is sunny or cold, it is silently accompanying, supporters and inspiring. It is like a burning flame, jumping the sincere soul. It rainedRead More



[Introduction] when people in the car are carrying a trace of nostalgia to leave, how can they think of a little boy sitting on both sides of the track stunned, like the broken seal of Bian Zhilin, I decorated the mood of others and dyed the confusion of passers-. The train went through the wasteland,Read More



The initial insistence also seemed so pale, helpless, melancholy the original intention of the night, let the tired people recuperate; The agitated people calm down; Let the disguised people feel relieved; let the people who make mistakes reflect on my original intention, but it is swallowed up little by little in reality, dying out, noRead More