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[Introduction] the world is cold, what is in front of you is real, and those things behind you cannot resist. Don’t give up the pursuit because of the plain life; Don’t confuse your eyes because of the complicated world; Don’t imprison the free heart because of the secular concept. In the middle of the night,Read More


Cotton Rain

[Introduction] Somehow, I suddenly thought of the fallen leaves and residual flowers all over the ground, and then I thought of the spring sleep without knowing the dawn. I heard birds everywhere. The rain and rain came at night, and I knew how many flowers fell. Poems. The dense rain lasted for nearly half aRead More


Let me

In the world of mortals, we are always in a hurry. Life is like an endless marathon. The day is also in a hurry, the night is also in a hurry, and it is another spring, summer and autumn East in a flash. Let’s have a rest, let’s stop our hurried steps. Wipe the sweatRead More