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In the distance, a lonely bird lingered in the empty sky dragging its tired body. The hoarse and helpless voice floated in the air which seemed to be about to solidify. The Voice spread hard around, even for a long time, I could hear the gradual and clear wailing. Isolated island why lingered about? MaybeRead More


In sound

Every time I listen to Hua Zai’s song, I feel deeper. I grew up listening to his songs, but in the past, it was mostly because I thought the melody was pleasing to the ear, and later I gradually paid attention to the content of the lyrics. I admire the composer more, but I stillRead More


You in

[Introduction] in this long-lost weekend, there is no busy work, no exhaustion of the past, no familiar figure, only a person’s life, and the melody flowing in the wind. In the morning, a ray of sunshine and green light poured through the glass on the familiar floor and boiled the dust in the air. ThoseRead More


Pure White

[Introduction]: even if there is such an opportunity, I will follow the established path. The result is the same as now. There is no way to be happy or sad, just in the corner of pain, I’m just curled up, after the pain, I still face the sunny life Suddenly I found that I wasRead More