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[Introduction] poor people often clean the floor, while chai men women often comb their hair clean and refreshing. Isn’t this also a kind of appearance? People with knowledge and cultivation must be calm, not impetuous, not flinch, not flinch, and maintain a stable personality image in order to keep adversity and prosperity, people who areRead More


After rain

The sky after rain is fresh and pleasant. Looking far away, a piece of green, green crops, rippling in the wind, like the blue sea waves, wave by wave. The grass beside the river stood on tiptoe, looking left and right, eager for butterflies to come and stop. A few wild flowers were washed cleanRead More



My mood is not in your eyes. I dare not look at you. We kept silent in the place where the crowd gathered, and left alone in the place where the crowd dispersed. Every day we walk on the same track, and we never know each other in a hurry. Every day we meet atRead More