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Read Mountain

[Introduction]: the forest itself is a rich world where everything can be found. One day, when I was reading how the climbing vine stood up by a dead tree, I suddenly found the smile of the dead tree, and I had already understood it, it is because that climbing vine smiles for its decoration of green. The rolling mountains are like rich volumes, winding and continuous. In the long river of time, naked its meaning, hidden its essence, above the Earth. I am still a reader who has been hungry for a long time and often go to read mountains. Read it from a distance, and from a near distance, it is quiet; Read it in a rough way, and read it deeply. Read Green, read Green, read harmonious, read quiet. I often read the rugged rocks, their faces, their lives, their features and their history. Read what kind of steps they used to make a great progress, and what kind of attitude they used to bear hundreds of millions of years of ups and downs. Then, I also read their power and docility. Read why they can withstand the eternal loneliness, why they can withstand the eternal squatting, and why they have so much tolerance, it can tolerate some intricate roots being slowly tangled on their bodies. The dense trees gathered pieces of green in the mountain, forming the beautiful chapters in these rich Volumes. I read them quietly like this. Read that about how the buds grow, how they thrive, how they hand over some branches to their descendants, and then how they return to the soil. Read a slender Root, how to go through a section of soil, and then drill out in another stone gap to grow up another new life. Read a thin branch, how to reach out from a dark corner to pick sunshine, and then nourish and strengthen yourself. The forest itself is a rich world where everything can be found. One day, when I was reading how the climbing vine stood up by a dead tree, I suddenly found the smile of the dead tree, and I had already understood it, it is because that climbing vine smiles for its decoration of green. Another day, when I was reading another pool of dark green, I found a winding path stretching up the mountain top very freely. I thought, who is the mother of this path? Will you choose to step in such a mountain? Such a small path, why can it be loaded with so many footsteps? Such mountains and fields are not pure and quiet. You can read the twittering insects. You can also read the birdsong of Didi Qiu Qiu. Sometimes, in a pile of very dense grass, you can also find a small war in the insect world. When reading mountains, I will also read some occasional events. Just like that spring, when I was reading a fresh mountain forest for the first time, I heard shouts and rang from all directions, and, in the noisy selection, I vaguely heard some voices of killing and chopping, so I immediately climbed the mountain top and looked up to the distance, Oh! I saw that at the foot of the mountain, a group of warriors were chasing and supporting in a defeated winter. The mountain is a rich volume, and you can’t read it until you read it. After reading Yu Yan, you can read the mountain forest, the towering peak and the deep valley. I am a person who reads mountains, but I know that sometimes people will read me, when I am like a short sentence in the mountains. As an old saying goes, reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles. In fact, traveling thousands of miles is also reading books, reading Society, reading nature and reading all books without words. One flower, one world, one leaf, one Bodhi, as long as you calm down and concentrate on reading, you will find that the wind and rain behind each flower is no less complicated than the individual life process of human beings. The annual ring of each tree is no less than the vicissitudes and wrinkles on the forehead of the old man with white hair. Yes, all creatures except human beings, even non-creatures, will encounter various possible encounters as long as they experience a period of time, no matter how long or how long they are. This encounter can also find corresponding points in human beings, in this sense, reading nature means reading life. Mountains can be read roughly or carefully, and the height varies from far to far. Against the flow of time, from the rugged rocks, you can read perseverance, generosity and perseverance. From the tender buds, we can read out the devotion feelings of turning the fallen red into spring mud to protect flowers rather than ruthless things; From the roots, we can read out the indomitable power; From the thin branches, I can read the black eyes given by the night, but I use it to find the firm belief of light. The winding path, the War of insects and all the tiny things which are thriving show their lives in their own ways in their own world. In fact, from the perspective of Infinite Universe and space, do human beings also want all kinds of tiny lives in the mountains? Strong and weak confrontation, life and death grow and grow, are so short and insignificant. But we don’t give up the pursuit of all the beautiful emotions and spirits because of this. It is with these meanings that life appears so beautiful. 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