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[Introduction] Mr. Zhu Ziqing quoted two poems from Su Shi’s farewell poem “sending an Dun scholar back to the West” written by a scholar named Andun. Old books are never tired of reading for hundreds of times, and people who read and think deeply know it. I remember once when I was a child, I went to the teacher’s office and saw a plaque hanging on the wall above the teacher’s desk, submitting a letter to cook two powerful words. I was confused in my heart, how can I cook books made of paper? I asked the teacher: Can books be boiled? The teacher smiled and said, “Why can’t books be boiled as spiritual food? What the teacher said made me confused. So the teacher told me a story: Du Fu, a great poet, had to read a book several times when he was young and beautiful, I am willing to give up until I memorize all the contents and wonderful sentences in the book. After reading thousands of books, writing is like a god. Because he read poems and books well laid the foundation for him to write poems in the future, this is the origin of cooking books. The teacher said: Every Chinese lesson you are studying now is classic, so you should read it well! You should not only read it, but also boil it and swallow it to absorb and digest it, so that you can write articles with ease in the future. Unfortunately, I didn’t do what the teacher asked me to do. Now Writing articles is always very lame, which has become a shortcoming of life. Books purify human souls; Books enrich people’s knowledge; Books create great figures one after another; Books bring knowledge into the Palace of Science and Technology. Through the Ages, there are numerous allusions about reading and anecdotes about celebrities. Hanging beams and stinging stocks, chiseling walls and borrowing light, Ying Ying Xue hanging beams and stinging stocks talked about a man named Sun Jing in the Eastern Han Dynasty, who was a famous politician. When he was young, he was diligent and studious. He often closed the door and kept reading alone. Reading from morning to night every day is often a waste of sleep and food. I have been studying for a long time, tired, and still don’t have a rest. After a long time, I was so tired that I dozed off. He was afraid of affecting his reading and learning, so he came up with a special method. In ancient times, men’s hair was very long. He found a rope and tied one end firmly to the beam. When he was tired of reading, he took a nap. Once he lowered his head, the rope would hold his hair, which would hurt his scalp. He immediately woke up and continued reading and learning. During the Warring States period, there was a man named Su Qin who was also a famous politician. When I was young, because I didn’t have much knowledge, I went to many places to do things, but I was not valued. After returning home, his family was also very indifferent to him and looked down upon him. This stimulated him a lot. Therefore, he made up his mind to study hard. He often reads till midnight, very tired, I often nap and want to sleep. He also came up with a way to prepare an awl. Once he dozed off, he stabbed his thigh with an awl. In this way, I suddenly felt pain and woke myself up, and then persisted in reading. This made the story of Su Qin stabbing stocks. The story about a famous Confucian named Kuang Heng in the Western Han Dynasty, which was about his cheating on the wall to read books. Kuang Heng childhood poor family. During the day, he lived by cutting firewood and grass in exchange for some food; At night, he wanted to study, but he had no money to buy oil lamps. He saw the light of his neighbor’s house was bright, so he cut a hole in the wall to draw a faint light. Every night, he was eager to read with this little light. Later, in order to read more books, he was even willing to be a servant for a man with abundant books in his family without paying, with only one purpose of hoping to read more books. Meng Ying Ying Xue said that Sun Kang, who lived in Jin Dynasty, had a poor family and lit lights without oil. He used to read books with Snow Light on snowy nights. There is a famous saying in Huang Sheng’s book borrowing theory written by Yuan Mei, a litterateur in Qing Dynasty: books must be borrowed or read. It means that a person who is studious but has no money to buy books has no choice but to ask others to borrow books to read. However, because of this, the borrowed books can be kept in his hands for a short time, so he will cherish them especially, seize read digestion. In real life, it is common for friends to borrow books from each other. When I was young, I not only borrowed books but also read them. At that time, middle school students were very poor and generally didn’t have pocket money except for the breakfast fee of a few cents. At that time, a book needed at least a few yuan, and buying a book was simply a luxury thing for us. So every day after school, several classmates in our class went to the bookstall to read books together. Although I didn’t rub to the point of forgetting to eat and sleep, I often stood up with sorrows of waist and legs and stiff neck. After a long time, the boss found out that we were all free guys and started to guard us. Every day he saw us coming from afar and stood at the door to stop us from entering. At that time, Xiao didn’t know how to look at people. Anyway, the more the boss refused to enter, we found opportunities to sneak in and catch up with the boss. I don’t know what’s the difference between stealing books and stealing books. We neither steal books nor steal books, which means reading books at most. Mr. Zhu Ziqing quoted two poems from Su Shi’s farewell poem “sending an Dun scholar back to the West” written by a scholar named Andun. Old books are never tired of reading for hundreds of times, and people who read and think deeply know it. Old books: refer to classics. Master said: classics give people knowledge and teach people how to do it, among which there are many linguistic, historical and self-cultivation subjects, many annotations, and many related textual researches here, read hundred times, It may not be able to connect everywhere, so it is necessary to read more. I remembered that when I just went to work, I only had the living expenses of 60 yuan per month, while at that time, a prose collection of Zhu Ziqing cost 20 yuan, which was equivalent to 1/3 of my living expenses per month. So reading books is still my main way to acquire knowledge. At first, the boss was polite, every time I took a book from the bookshelf and read it, the boss would go back to introduce the author and the content of the book to you tirelessly. When he was tired of talking, I could read it for a while with ease. Once the time came, the boss’s face was not good-looking, and his language was much Stiff. Before you took the book off the shelf, he said coldly and enthusiastically: If you want to buy it, you can read it, if you don’t buy it, don’t take it down. Who will I sell the book? I know that the boss also wants to eat and earn money, so I will return the books back whenever this happens. In order to buy a prose collection of Zhu Ziqing, I spent two months’ living expenses to buy it, and no one was willing to borrow it when I got home as if I had received a treasure. Nowadays, in order to gain higher benefits, bookstores have made some classic works in hardcover edition, which are exquisitely decorated but the price is also very expensive. Less than 60 yuan, more than 70 yuan, several hundred yuan. People like me who earn yuan per month still can’t afford those books to read, so they learned to shop for books in old bookstalls. Although books are old, there is no difference between reading and new books. Visiting old bookstalls in my daily life has become a great pleasure for me. Every time when I go home from outside, my wife looks at me with an eye of scrutiny and says: I’m going to buy old books again, there are enough old books at home. Don’t buy any more? Writer Jia Pingwa said: Don’t buy luxury books when buying books. Luxury books are sold to people who don’t read books. It is not necessary to read books made of paper. Mountains and rivers can be read, clouds and rain can be read, officialdom can be read, and business can be read. Gamblers and prostitutes are also books. Only reading books at home, reading books or reading books, is no different from drinking, playing cards and smoking all day long. What benefits do family members have in society. He is educating young people about social experience and also a book, and it is a book without words, which needs to be gradually read and honed in the passing of years. Young people, please study hard. [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Ke Er) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. Yesterday and Today, Wu Jiang’s… Be a person who never stops growing up Teacher Lily coughed with a strong nasal tone when she was in yoga class. 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