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I haven’t read books for a long time, even if I hang out in bookstores many times and then buy a lot of books. Therefore, Magazines bought for several months were piled up on the desk. I don’t know. I have nothing to do with the money. Why do I buy so many books? Maybe if you really ask yourself in this way, you will start to feel distressed about your money. Then, you will start to force yourself to start eating these books, and don’t let those money drift away. This pile of books was pressed by a magazine called Wenyuan, so it was natural to pick up the thin book which looked quite new first, I think it should be bought recently. Oh, it seems that I am always forgetting the past. Even if it happened last second, I need to think back hard at this moment. In fact, to be honest, I am attracted by the little poem on the cover. Trees napping in the snow/dreaming of leaves/and flowers in calculation procedures. The poem with less than 30 words has such a deep artistic conception. After reading it, I suddenly felt that I was the tree and I had been dreaming all the time, but everything in the dream was so vague, so, I still don’t know what I am waiting for and what I want. Reading books habitually, I first read the catalogue and glanced at it. I was surprised to see an article signed by the author Xiao S. Oh? Kangxi is a guest of Wenyuan? I like watching Kangxi very much at ordinary times. No matter the content of this program is low or vulgar, I really like the wisdom and courage of the two hosts. Therefore, I turned to the page number of the directory guide and read the article called “the article of pleasing oneself to others”. Maybe it’s because I haven’t read for too long! After reading this article, I was touched and hopeless. The passage in the article makes me feel deeply: In this way, it seems that I am a very selfish woman, but in fact, when you really make yourself happy, you will find: your relatives and family, the world around you, have not become worse because of your selfishness. On the contrary, just because you live yourself well, they also share your happiness, happiness and success; On the contrary, what you can give to your family and the world will be more. To put it bluntly, people all like a happy and vivid beauty, rather than a grudging and grieving woman.. What a simple and philosophical word! Yes, who would like a grudge woman who looks sad all day? I drooped my face all day, suffering myself and hurting others! Therefore, I understand that living well has never been my own business. If you live well, you can also drive others to live well. I feel sad. When everyone sees you, he or she looks like a ghost who complains about the world and the mood of wanting to laugh will be unreasonable. Isn’t there an old saying in Chinese? How to sweep the world without sweeping a house?. What a simple truth this is. In fact, each of us knows how to govern a country if our own family is not well managed? To put it bluntly, I can’t do my own thing well. How can I do other things? However, there are very few people who really let this old motto play a role. Because we always associate it with governing the country and doing things, but we don’t know that it can also be associated with a person’s mood. Don’t you think so? If you are not happy, how can you make people around you happy? What’s more, you don’t even want to make yourself happy. Do you want people around you to live happily? In this way, don’t you think you are very dangerous? In fact, there is a big reason why people like happy fruit and dislike complaining about men and women. After talking about the truth for a long time, I actually thought about myself. I used to be such an idiot. I pretend to be a literary youth and learn depression all day long. Even if I go to play with a group of friends, when others are having a good time, I will drink alone in a corner, which makes me feel pretty cool. I didn’t know that I really did something wrong until my friends around me abandoned me one by one. Once there was a group of friends around me. I was pretending to be a literary youth. Now I can only cherish it when I watch my former friends leave one by one. If God could give me a chance to come again, I would never drink in the corner. If I have to say something, I hope it is: Buddy, I have trained my drinking capacity now. Let’s go and have a drink. Well, I won’t go. I don’t have time. I can’t afford to hurt the literary youth. Jie. Look like this. I’ll give you the whole song! 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