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[Introduction] father is still taking painkiller. We want to stop it, but we can’t stop it. My father, who was slightly better, seemed to feel more painful than before after hanging water for two days. And my father began to suffer from constipation again. Father is in pain, we are in pain. If the hospital doesn’t prescribe therapeutic medicine all the time, will father be more and more unbearable? After a night’s discussion, my mother, my sister and I planned to go to the hospital together to persuade the doctor to prescribe medicine. In this realistic society, in this society where everything we want to do is relatively difficult, should we follow the trend and give doctors some meanings to get the results we want? We prepared a red envelope for the attending doctor. Taking advantage of Uncle’s rest, we deliberately let uncle accompany father to stand in the store, while mother and daughter went to the hospital by themselves. In the doctor’s office, when talking about his father’s illness, his mother burst into tears again. After stopping the tears, mother called the attending doctor aside, gave out the red envelope, and earnestly requested the doctor to prescribe some medicine according to the suspected disease. The doctor hesitated for a long time and finally nodded. According to the netizen whose father had the same illness on the Internet, we asked the doctor to prescribe the medicine with the nature of traditional Chinese medicine, which had a good effect and less side effects, and hung the water for father. Father is still taking painkiller. We want to stop it, but we can’t stop it. My father, who was slightly better, seemed to feel more painful than before after hanging water for two days. And my father began to suffer from constipation again. We speculated that it might be because he spent nearly half a day hanging water in the hospital, and he had no time to drink the traditional Chinese medicine we cooked for him. Moreover, perhaps the medicine used by the netizen’s father did not have any effect on my father. Therefore, we explained to the doctor that we asked father to stay at home for observation. My father at home was slightly stable, at least there was no malignant development. Gradually, he seemed to try his best not to take painkiller. When we were ready to try it on like this, his attending doctor called and said that he had got another medicine and asked him to continue to hang water the next day. We didn’t intend to go again, but the doctor said it was a new medicine, and the people who used it still reacted well. It was a proprietary Chinese medicine without too much side effects. Therefore, we went to hospital A again with the psychology of longing for A trace of light in the dark. My father had already improved a little, maybe this new medicine did play the role of improving immunity as doctors said, and my father’s mental state seemed to be better than before. But the pain is still constant. When asking the doctor, the doctor always advised us to take some painkiller when we should eat, saying that pain has a greater impact on the patient’s bone marrow function. I nodded slightly, feeling the doctor’s concern for my father. At first, I thought it was the red envelope that my mother stuffed. Later, when I was a nurse and sister, we didn’t know that this respected doctor had already taken the red envelope as a medical expense to help us pay for it. I used to be very disappointed with this society. There were too many indignant truths in the news and newspapers. For example, BMW hit people and drove off, hospitals were doomed to death, beggars were dead on the streets, and money was in this society, sometimes it reflects extraordinary abilities. The warmth of human beings is sometimes driven to little by money. Perhaps just because of the existence of people like attending doctors, the warmth of human beings can be passed down. I hope there are more responsible, sympathetic and kind people like attending doctors in the world. After hanging water for about ten days, my father’s condition was basically stable (of course, we didn’t stop the traditional Chinese medicine for him to drink). On June 21th, the doctor called and said, A course of treatment has ended, and we can go through the discharge formalities for father. If there is any situation in the future, we will review it at any time. When my father saw the sudden discharge from hospital, he once suspected that we were going to do something wrong from it. But after leaving hospital, he only took traditional Chinese medicine, but there was still no aggravating symptom, so he was relieved. 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