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[My daughter had a holiday. Because she was young, there was no one in the family to take her, so she decided to send her to her grandma in Shenyang first. In the evening, when I came home after work, I found that although there was only one scumbag missing in the room, the whole room seemed empty, and my heart was also empty. Under the light, I recalled Tian Tian’s experiences and behaviors yesterday and today, and speculated her lovely little thoughts, so I wanted to imitate Tian Tian’s tone and write down some words. One was to miss her daughter, the second is to comfort yourself. At the same time, I also reflected on how to be a good father through Tian Tian’s views on me.].] Today, I went to Shenyang by plane. I was really happy, but I was a little unhappy. My mother was so kind that she didn’t allow me to stay at home for two more days every time the school was on holiday, so she hurried to send me away from the plane. However, it was really boring to think that my mother took me to the school where she went to work yesterday and left me alone in the office. After waiting for a long time, my mother didn’t come to see me once and came to play with me. I read books, cut paper and play games by myself. Time passed so slowly. I couldn’t bear it any more, so I called my dad. Dad makes me more angry! The first thing he said made me unhappy. He said, why did you call me? Why don’t I do it? Can’t I call Dad to talk? Dad’re absurd! Fortunately, I’m going to Shenyang soon. I can see my baby brother soon and play with him soon. I haven’t seen my baby brother for a semester. I really miss him. The second uncle bought a video that time, applied for QQ, and called to ask for video chat. I met my baby brother on the computer. Ha ha, my baby brother’s face is so fat, it is a little deformed in the video. We didn’t know what to say, so we typed and played, but I was not familiar with typing, so I really wanted to knock the keyboard. I asked my father for help, and he taught me how to send QQ images. I came here with my baby brother, a watermelon, I threw you a dagger, a flower came here, and I gave you a bottle of cola. I was extremely busy and happy. By the way, flying is also a fun thing. Dad said that he had grown up so much that he didn’t fly as many times as I did. Ha ha, there is something that Dad can’t compare with me, I am so happy! Today, my father drove me to Pudong Airport. My father’s working place is Hongqiao airport, but my flight place is Pudong airport. If I could fly at Hongqiao Airport, dad wouldn’t have to drive me all the way. I went to work with my father first and had breakfast in my father’s work. My father’s colleagues always look at me. I am a little girl. They don’t care how embarrassed I am. I really don’t know how polite I am. They laughed at me, but I didn’t. My father told me that children should be polite and say hello when they see uncles and aunts. I don’t know them, why do I have to ask them good. Are they polite when they always stare at me? There is a problem that I can’t figure out all the time: in my mother’s unit, my colleague said that I look like my mother; In my father’s unit, my colleague said that I look like my father. I don’t care who I look like. Why do they care so much? Also, why do my father’s colleagues say differently from my mother’s colleagues? I asked my dad secretly, and he just kept smiling at me. Dad also had questions that he couldn’t answer. Dad is really stupid sometimes! More stupid than me. The road from Hongqiao Airport to Pudong Airport was really far away. When I was sitting in the car, I was anxious at first, and then impatient. My father always scolded me, asking me to sit in my seat well and not to crawl or move. Really annoying! He has something to do when driving, but I have nothing to do. I feel uncomfortable if I don’t move! For a while, I put my hands on the door frame and looked at the road with my side face, watching the cars and the greening on the roadside. I was so intoxicated that I walked away a bit. Dad suddenly shouted: Tian Tian, don’t put your hands outside! Outside danger! Strange, he drove the car to look at the front, how could he know if my hand on the side reached out of the window? I am so wronged! I was so angry that I shouted at him: are you going to scare me out of my heart attack?! It seemed that dad didn’t hear me, and kept emphasizing his danger and danger. Alas! This self-righteous guy! When I arrived at Pudong airport, I just wanted to get tickets and get on the plane as soon as possible. But Dad said it was still early, so he found a place to rest and let me have something to eat. He said there was no lunch on this plane. I was really anxious, but my father was slow and not worried at all. I was really anxious! I seemed to forget to worry when eating. The sofa in the dining place in the airport is so comfortable that I don’t want to get up as soon as I sit down. My father asked me to order something to eat, so I ordered chocolate cake, duck cake, and a cake with meat floss. It was delicious and full of appetite. My dad smiled and watched me eat, which made my appetite even wider. I also ordered dad a cup of mocha coffee, because I saw white sugar on the table, and I wanted to pour white sugar into the bitter coffee for fun. How bitter the coffee is without sugar. I don’t drink that stuff, even if I put white sugar, it smells strange, but my father will drink it obediently. As expected, he really drank and was still happy. Ha, what is delicious? Dad’s taste is really strange! Mom said that she would come to Shenyang to visit me every few days when the unit was on holiday. But Dad is not fake, dad is so pitiful, there is always no fake, and he can’t rest. But I will call my father from Shenyang. Dad Zhen Rosso always said something about Tian Tian and Tian Tian before getting on the plane, which made me annoyed. When the steward aunt took me into the shuttle bus at the gate, I was too lazy to say goodbye to him later. After getting on the plane, I saw people I didn’t know around and around. I started to miss my father a little; But I only wanted him for a while. After that, I became happy. Aircraft take off! I will see my baby brother soon! Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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