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[Introduction] teacher Jin influence on me not just manner and attitude, more is in my school-cadres work on, incredible support of and sure. In a students, maybe teachers a praise is the greatest praise. (Twelve) High School. Handsome cultivation, as, straightforward character, temperament, I know we fate bandit is shallow, but didn’t expect, actually profound so many years. Just entered school, I like Rose with thorns, which arrives, stab which, can’t with young and frivolous to useless sophistry, actually is the strange manic, thought Wan Kai wan fu mo kai. Her smiling in my side, reminding, cooperation, care and inclusion, this training until today I still have not learn, inevitably admiration, gratitude, that indeed, an intelligent, special woman. I called sister. When mother will I make her hand, that’s freshman year, she satisfiedly look at me, from this I am your surrogate parent, my heart filled with comfortable, on the city less sense of fear and panic. Yesterday from Huzhou return, heart melancholy, is left those moved my people, or leave a familiar my things, has no knowledge of any, is but the first jittery is she holding hands, very clear. Outside, will sense of panic, fear, not quiet, incapable of self-support, unprovoked sentimental, those are morbid fit, but because she of meticulous care and care, I, as injured hedgehog, be cured very well. Can’t thank, and embarrassed to warm, until her out of the campus, often recall, I pretending to be strong, finally learned to strong. In the bedroom a person a long time, mother said with a smile really lonely find a boyfriend myself. I was speechless, thinking of the time when I was given to her. On her status, I known Little, from many reasons, after all, is really can’t take on time and distance, perhaps busy, perhaps lazy, perhaps just used, habits similar silence and heartless this state, in order to better life. (Xiii) yesterday in Shanghai a education group, reception is a about twenty several-year-old young woman, her smile brilliant elite, teach I think of Jinyu teacher. That’s a refined, and humble women’s teacher, is of the Communist Youth League head, maybe to her, I just members of my class in ordinary extremely of A, but her influence is extremely profound. That’s deal with people the way, is a form of personal accomplishment and quality, today, often contact her, phone, think abnormal warm and comfortable. Human teacher, could be students remember an establishment acute form joy things. Her without excessive preaching, also do not have overmuch evaluation, memory is our league committee, student union in the school art festival left photo, when the weather is cold, inside is thin clothes, outside wrapped in a thick coat, I that Day wore a yellow goose down, remember Bud is white, around teacher Jin, bright smile very. (XIV) today, Miss my comrades. At that time the Eyes of Youth League and student union or god of the institutions, thus everyone enthusiastically to Jingzhi. And eventually selected guys, my high-school closest comrades. min xia, pig, laugh Yi, Bud, O bright Alfy, Wang W, Jin Longhua, jia yue, Dan Ping. The last natural have my brother yuan Wukang, Zhang and Canon seniors, sister, this big family, let I deeply realize: do anything is tired and happy. Check with health, evaluation blackboard, check school card, basketball game a bit, also often something nothing organize some activities. Have to admit, for memory of that, has some vague, also have to admit, OWN is a forgetful person, but, that familiar breath also haunted haunts. This is a team, we all have their own distinct edges and corners and character, but we each other cooperation, mutual understanding and tolerance, that of I’m not good with a text to account, thus missed gold expression time. Of course, then the conditions and time are not allowed. Today, many years later, I can still sigh with emotion: I really miss the time together. Think of Xiaoling, Andy, Xiaoping, godmother and those in the bedroom, the fun, that live in my college career repeated, repeated, just side face a changing a. Dear gentlemen, allow me a passionate nickname, that’s youth of the good, is my high school years most colorful day. (XV) a few days ago in Hangzhou Travel, haven’t seen any acquaintances, in addition to him. Men’s and women’s feelings between is controversial, inevitably raise suspicion that not friendship, or just opposites attract, perhaps with a little ambiguous, or a more more unbearable, nasty rhetoric. Actually, I with blue Yan, weekdays meet much time, their space great, but emotion is extremely close, that close to not love between men and women, but really sympathetic, precious. When the other party is depressed and helpless, he can give care, even if it is just at night, under the moon, on the playground, quietly pacing. What he has been unwilling to admit is his handsom. In fact, he is really not tacky. Inevitably young ignorant youth period, do many lingering, beautiful dream. Like white clouds, blue sky, and like orchids, Valley, pure and transparent, simple clear, clean. We didn’t love each other. This is a fact, and it is also a big part of the reason why we can hug and greet each other many years later. Always thought, long can not love. The people I love may only be strangers in the end, but those who know me must have a lifetime to meet and aftertaste. (XVI) Tekai a chapter, wanted to write about my guy, but found that language pale. Because deep, because ordinary, because, is already relatives. (XVII) Xiaoling in this holiday when I information said will in october two day engagement, invited me to, my happiness is palpable. And her friendship dates back to junior high school, and high school we become closer to, always gather for a weekend of crowded bus home. And high school days it was with her, walk me down the very hard stage, often think of, are filled with gratitude. And my mother is also her praise plus, said to them on the street the encounter to several, but I have the body out not known, want really count as fate is not shallow. October 2nd is Xiaoling’s birthday, and choosing to get engaged on this day is of great significance, which can be seen clearly: he should follow her very well. Thus I am full blessing, and try to when went to personally blessing. Our university for four years are not together, but occasionally telephone and contact, still not unfamiliar, is still recall with each other, their respective take care, and there will always be her message or phone number on my birthday every year. I dare not use deep words to positioning the feelings between us, because, actually, our intersect, light, such as water, always got them. (18) failed many people. Never clever, sensible child, with extremely stubborn temper and mind, actually hurt many people, this is in many years later, I am deeply apologetic things. The girl’s dormitory was not far away from the boy’s dormitory at that time. In high school, it was a flower-like age and time period. Therefore, many people were immersed in the romantic affairs and seemed to have some unwritten atmosphere, this and student learning, natural is teachers or parents strictly prohibited and not allowed. However, in private, secretly coming is becoming more and more novel, exciting and interesting. Therefore, there are often stories about who is in a class and who is in a class. After dinner, we also had a lot of conversation. Perhaps, we had already become others’ conversation. Remember a good student, all aspects of a more excellent, every day is a wife and mother, (of course, here is no derogatory taste), actually, whether students era or are now involved with work of I, are very like of that kidney girl. She secretly told me the girl’s heart. Of course, till now I have kept my mouth shut and promised to bring this little secret into my coffin. (Taking some distant and gruesome, actually, can as a listener existence and appearance, is already bliss) now she has mature, growth, entertainment, communication, are all with ease. I haven’t seen it for a long time, haven’t talked about it for a long time, don’t know each other’s current situation, just know something in Weibo and space, just like the silk spitting out by silkworms, long and distant, with some news, it seems to tell some old stories, but no one dares to answer them and let them spread. I didn’t take the initiative to say hello, nor did she deliberately get close to each other. Therefore, we became parallel lines. This is many years after, we feel powerless and helpless things. He said, it was not because of time or being defeated by distance. He said, maybe it was just because we became lazy. He said, there were many reasons to excuse ourselves and persuade others, but they didn’t help the reality. Because, we still talk, live now life. Or, all of a sudden, inspiration flashed, or, all of a sudden, conscience vent, suddenly thinking that there are still some people who can contact, at that time gave you some touch, let you deeply. However, I found that: I am sorry at the other end of the phone, and the number you dialed is empty. Please confirm the response after dialing. Yes, for so many years, who will wait for you in the same place? I often do such things. The responses I often hear are often stunned and sighed with emotion. Often. (19) there are several teachers in high school. Influential I in literature and universities have I in life. Teacher Lu Dongying. Now she will hold my arm, don’t call me teacher, call me sister. Looking at the teacher’s still beautiful face, I often think about the days when I first entered high school. She’s as believe and to spoil my, this pet even sparked an extremely grave war of words, it is extremely regret things. Teacher body is not very good, is in my university just know, thus more of a distressed feeling. Every time I went back to my alma mater, no matter how hasty the time was, I always wanted to meet her. Remember the first time to see her is winter, she is for office for heater heating, I wearing white masks squaring himself the in. Although have previous told, or caused such a ruckus, teachers all look at me the uninvited guest, I straight and went up to her, teacher, long time no see. She held my hand and asked me to sit down. Chat. There seemed to be signs of cold wave coming in the distance, but the room was full of warm orange light. Teacher Shu Juyan is a beautiful and modest woman. A light yellow shirt with floral prints and a capable ponytail were what I looked like when I first met her. I was in senior two that year. At that time, actually I was not close to her. On one hand, I was not an excellent student in Chinese, and on the other hand, I was not close to her because of my character. On the contrary, after graduation, my mind and mind began to mature, or I was really old. Thinking of many old people and past events, my relationship with teacher Shu became closer and closer. During my college years, I finished this trainee task under her guidance. Heard students in trainee during every day to lecturers and teachers name deputy, have little opportunity to own came to give lectures, I am rare lucky, because beam teacher’s care. The later meeting was at the wedding of teacher Li Liang. She appeared in front of me with her child and her husband in arms. That little guy was so watery that I had the idea of being a mother for a moment. It was absurd, but I always thought it was a beautiful and warm feeling, therefore, I was not ashamed to directly take it out and say it. Kim Yu family teacher, is I into school-to-reach most understanding, deportment very good teacher. Every day is elegant and generous. She has the most beautiful posture and conduct of women. I always feel that girls don’t have to be the same, but they must have their own cultivation and attitude. Teacher Jin influence on me not just manner and attitude, more is in my school-cadres work on, incredible support of and sure. For a student, perhaps the teacher’s praise is the biggest praise. (20) Gillian, call me a fool. Apprentice. Call me master. I don’t know whether time can’t stand our torment or we can’t stand the torment of time. Many people who were inseparable in the past have become distant memories at this time. Those who are there are still there, those who are leaving have already left. My youth is covered with too much sadness, and my strength and stubbornness in daily life seem small and naive in front of time. The acquaintance with Gillian was dramatic, but there was the ending of comedy. That was a woman who didn’t want to speak very much. She was kind and clear, which was a bit different from my character. Naturally, I would mention my apprentice here (I taught him nothing, but he was always by my side like a relative. The fate between teachers and apprentices came to play and was inexplicable, but it was too compact to be separated). The fate between them has continued till now, and I am happy to bless them, and envy such persistence. We have been working in the university for four years till now. Our friendship is as calm as water, but only one phone call and one greeting weaken the time. No one deliberately did it and no one managed it, but I always think of the existence of the other when I am vulnerable. When I was in college, I traveled to the ancient town with Ajiao, and went to Shaoxing specially. I traveled a lot of places, especially that summer vacation, when we slept on the same pillow and talked about things all over the world. It was a pity that she had been to Huzhou in the future all the time. However, peace of mind was the place where she came back, and she might be connected everywhere. Like (prose editor: Ke Er) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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