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[Introduction] in the year of the Tiger, I hope that human beings will strengthen their awareness of environmental protection and take active actions to let the Tiger multiply and live continuously under the careful care of human beings, as soon as possible in the animal world to re-display the Beast King’s magnificent domineering! Jinniu leaves the old age, Ji Hu is celebrating the new year. In the joyful and auspicious salute of the Earth, in the colorful and gorgeous fireworks in the sky, 2010, the lunar calendar Gengyin Tiger year arrived as scheduled. In this year of the tiger festival full of happiness and well-being, I couldn’t give a decent gift to the year of the Tiger and the tiger, so I wrote down the clumsy article “say the tiger in the year of the Tiger, let me treat them as a small gift. Tiger is a carnivorous animal of large Felidae. Besides aliases such as Big Worm, Yin beast, Yin Ke and Xiao Fengzi, there are also the good names of general ban yin and the nickname of general Bai Er and general Bai Er. There are mainly Northeast Tigers and South China tigers living in China. In the twelfth Zodiac, although the Tiger ranks third, its position in people’s mind is second only to the Supreme Dragon. As the saying goes, clouds follow dragons, and winds follow Tigers. Tiger, mighty, brave and powerful, is the veritable king of beasts. For thousands of years, in the vast China, the tiger is the symbol of power, status, strength and bravery. In ancient China, the military symbol used by those in charge of the army was made of copper in the shape of Tiger, which was called Tiger symbol. Charms split in two, half stored in court, half hold in troops generals hands. Only when the two are combined can the army be mobilized. Since the Sui and Tang dynasties began to select scholars, people called the Gold List of Imperial examination as the Dragon and Tiger list, and called the Gold List of famous questions as the Dragon and Tiger list. Being on the Dragon and Tiger list is the greatest honor and lifelong pursuit of a scholar. Therefore, the sentence of “Zengguang Xianwen”, which was the first to be listed on the Dragon and Tiger list in one dynasty, has been divided into Phoenix pool for ten years. Throughout the Ages, many celebrities have admired Tiger, like painting tiger, and love writing Tiger characters. Chinese modern history, generation of dignity, northeast Wang Chang Tso-like writing Tiger words. Once, Marshal Zhang wrote a Tiger word in the mansion and gave it to Japanese. Signature: Zhang Zuolin is black. Some people point out that the commander is handsom. After laughing, Marshal Zhang said: For Japan, I am don’t want any land! Here, although Marshal Zhang was a warlord born in the grass, he could reject the territorial claim of the Northeast by Japanese robbers with the bravery and toughness of the Northeast Tiger in terms of national righteousness, and defended the dignity of the country, it shows the Chinese tiger-like magnificence and heroic spirit to be hearty. This indeed makes the Chinese people awe. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, the whole body of a tiger is full of treasures. Tiger bones, Tiger Eyes, tiger meat, Tiger whip and tiger skin, even Tiger urine and tiger dung are all traditional Chinese medicine medicinal materials. This view has already been confirmed by Li Shizhen. According to “Compendium of Materia Medica”, Tiger can be used as medicine all over the body, especially tiger bone with precious traditional Chinese medicine has the effects of warming kidney and tonifying Yang, strengthening muscles and strengthening bones, filling lean pulp, dredging muscles and activating collaterals, and treating, diseases such as arm and shank pain, waist and legs failure have peculiar effects. For hundreds of years, drugs such as tiger bone wine and tiger bone cream developed by people have made great achievements in curing diseases. Tiger has made indelible contributions to eliminating pains, improving people’s health and promoting the development of traditional Chinese medicine. Now, although these have become history (the international community has banned the use of tiger Pharmaceuticals in legal form), people will always remember the contribution of Tiger. Tiger has made great contributions to the development of Chinese language and literature, and left a glorious chapter in the history of Chinese language and literature. Because of the existence of tigers, people have created many idioms with Tigers as the leading role or related to tigers. For example: Dragon walking tiger step, dragon jumping tiger landing, Dragon Eyes Open Tiger, Tiger Wings, Tiger deep mountain, Dragon landing Tiger, Tiger Fu Wing, Dragon like Tiger, Dragon like Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, no tiger in the mountain, monkeys are called overlord, and never enter the Tiger’s Nest. How can they get the tiger’s son …… these bright pearls of idioms shine forever in the treasure house of Chinese language. Tiger also appeared in different literary styles with different images, which were shaped by masters such as Liu Zongyuan, Shi Naian, Wu Chengen, etc, tiger left a personalized image in the gallery of Han literature image, which made the gallery of literature image more colorful. After all, the tiger is a large carnivorous beast, and its nature is ferocious and bloody. It is impossible not to eat domestic animals, eat people and hurt people. Therefore, it is often hated and cursed by people (called Animals), and even rounded up and hunted. At this time, the tiger is the embodiment of cruelty, cruelty and coldness. According to the Book of Rites, when Confucius passed the Mount Tai, he found a woman crying so much that she couldn’t beat her chest. Confucius learned that the eunuch, husband and son of the woman suffered from Tigers successively. Confucius asked: in this case, why don’t you leave here? Woman answered: There are no harsh decrees here. Confucius said to the students: Remember, harsh decrees are more ferocious than tigers. In this story, Confucius used the ferocious Tiger as a metaphor for tyranny. For hundreds of years, especially since the last century, the number of wild tigers has decreased sharply due to the excessive capture and killing of tigers by human beings, poaching and serious damage to the ecological environment, and some tigers have been extinct. According to statistics, there are about 3200 wild tigers in the world, including about 30 South China tigers. Nowadays, tigers are more precious than pandas. Therefore, it is urgent to save and protect tigers globally. In the year of the Tiger, I hope that human beings will strengthen their awareness of environmental protection and take active actions to make the tiger thrive and prosper under the careful care of human beings, as soon as possible in the animal world to re-display the Beast King’s magnificent domineering! 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