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[Introduction] the bus crossed the canyon and gradually approached the Maiji district of Tianshui city, showing a relatively open terrain in front of us, but it was still a mountainous area. Looking around, the mountain was full of yellow and green, the undulating mountain scene, however, the yellow one is more, the green one is less, and the yellow one is the reclaimed land….. The luxury bus galloped fast on the flat Tianbao Expressway, and the Green Mountains and intermittent villages flew outside the window from time to time. The early forest washed gently in the drizzle in the morning, revealing fresh and moist cheeks, and the hazy fog rose between the brow. It seems that I just rushed a hot water Mulberry for my thick hair. The hot air has not dispersed yet, but it grows into a full mist. Along the cliff of the mountain and the mountain, it gently floats and sweeps upward, connect to the cloudy sky. It is cloudy, but it is obviously getting cooler and cooler. Perhaps because of the early morning, the outside of the car window was quiet. Occasionally, one or two freight cars honked their horns once or twice, passing by the bus. There was a TV play in the car. In the liquid crystal display, the masterpiece “if you are the one” by the famous director Feng Xiaogang was played and changed. The carriage was full of people sitting quietly, and only a few enthusiastic partners were whispering in a low voice. The bus started from the station and soon after entering the highway, it went on the Canyon section of dozens of kilometers. Along the way, the high mountains and towering mountains stand up. The deep trees show the deep and deep autumn meaning under the moisture of autumn rain. You can’t see the autumn yellow of the mountain, and you can still see a deep green green, mature and quiet, gently passing through the photo frame of the window. The vehicle passed through a bridge, and the River rushed out from the two mountains which were inclined. The turbid river was mixed with countless soil and sand. It seemed that the river had been flooded not long ago, the traces of flood and sand accumulated along the coast haven’t receded yet. The broken branches of broken trees washed from the upstream in the sand are still hanging green branches and leaves lying on it, and no one cares about them. Autumn is a rainy season. At this time of every year, it is raining and flooding. Soil erosion has always been a common problem in places where vegetation protection is weak, especially in mountainous areas. This cannot help reminding people of the mountain rain and flood that happened in Zhouqu in the province not long ago. One of the important reasons is that the local forest vegetation is destroyed and soil erosion is caused by serious natural disasters. The bus crossed the canyon and gradually approached the Maiji district of Tianshui city, presenting a relatively open terrain in front of us, but it was still a mountainous area. Looking around, the mountain was full of yellow and green mountains with ups and downs, however, there are more yellow ones and less green ones. The yellow ones are the reclaimed land. After the autumn harvest, the fields are clean, showing the original color of the soil, green is the grass quilt beside the field and the trees around the village. This is just a scenery that can be seen instantly along the road and out of the window, but it is far from the scenery seen in the canyon. The main point is also the luxuriant trees. It is said that Maiji Mountain in Tianshui is a well-known scenic spot. Maiji Mountain Grottoes, which are known as the four national grottoes, are located in the middle of the mountains which are not far from here. If the opportunity is suitable, I really want to go there to see it, which is an eye-opener! But it is not enough now. The task now is to go home. When the bus arrives at the long-distance station in the city, it should transfer to CMB in the county. 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