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The phone rang abruptly in the evening, looking at the strange number or the connection. I feed! I also fed it on the phone. Who are you? After a pause for two seconds, the phone came over. Hey, Mom, it’s me. Hey, it’s Feifei. You finally called mom. Mom, we don’t need to study late today. We can go home after school. As soon as I saw the time had passed by 4: 30, I asked: how will you come back? If I pick you up now, it will be 6 o’clock. It is completely dark, and you have to wait so long. Feifei, can you go home by car alone? To energy. My son answered firmly at the other end of the phone. Well done, then mom is watching you go home! You must be careful when riding! I encouraged my son and worried that he would take the wrong bus at the same time, because this was the first time for him to ride alone. I immediately hung up the phone and asked if I had received the notice to pick up my child from school on my mobile phone. I was told that I had not received the notice. It was over five o’clock, and the child’s father called me at the station and asked: When did Feifei call you? Why haven’t he seen it yet? When I got home, my dad asked anxiously: Why hasn’t the child come back yet? The parents of Xixi’s family next door went to pick up xixi. At that time, they didn’t see Feifei when they arrived at Feifei dormitory at 4 o’clock. They said they had left. Why hadn’t they arrived home yet? Should they have arrived home by 4 o’clock! It was just after 4: 30 when Feifei called me. It would be late to tidy it up, and it would be 6 o’clock when I got home. Having taken him for so many times, he should be able to ride alone. He also firmly said yes to me on the phone. I comforted my father like this, but actually I was also worried about my son mentally. At this time, my father always blamed the school for not sending a notice so that parents could pick it up, and asked me: how did the Naxi family know to pick up xaxi? There are people with cell phones in Xixi’s dormitory. Xixi has called back long ago, but Feifei usually doesn’t call back, I helped him set up a phone card. Since the beginning of school, I have called me three times in total, but once I haven’t got through yet. Because my son didn’t call back when he was free, the call didn’t get through that time, which made me anxious. I didn’t know what happened to him. I called the head teacher, but turned it off, he called his English teacher again, but the English teacher hung up water in the hospital and didn’t know the reason. Later, the head teacher called back and finally told her that she saw her son was fine after self-study at night, finally, I was relieved that I didn’t find any abnormal situation. Today is the first time to ride alone. Although I have taken him for several times, I also believe that my son can ride back alone, but I still have some worries. My mother went to another bus stop to wait, hoping to see the child for the first time and help him carry things, his grandfather walked back and forth anxiously at home, chanting why he hadn’t been home yet. It’s too early, I will get home at six! I kept comforting. Grandpa, I am home. Throw the schoolbag and other things onto the stool, alas, I am exhausted. I smiled happily: I knew it was great for my family to fly, and how good it would be to come back by car alone. He quickly took out the phone and hung up the phone to his father who was waiting for his son at the station. His son arrived home. I got my mom back from the station. The family gathered around their son to ask questions and have dinner. I encouraged my son, and I knew Feifei could do it. In the future, I still drove home by myself when I encountered this kind of situation. Well, my son nodded and agreed. With this first experience of going home alone, I believe that my son will be stronger in the future. 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