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I and Maitan Weng

I am worried about charcoal and wish the weather cold. This is a poem in Bai Juyi’s “charcoal man”. Walking on the tar road like Coke, I suddenly feel that I have similar experiences with charcoal man. During the summer vacation, I worked for a tutoring station at a tutoring station more than ten miles away from my home. The working time was from Monday to Friday, six hours a day, and the salary was 50 yuan a day. There is also an English teacher from the tutoring station who is attending classes there. At first, the boss promised to pick up the car for free, because enrollment was not ideal, and because picking up the car for free was really a very troublesome thing for the boss, so, the boss asked us to ride an electric car. For the sake of 50 yuan, I still agreed. In fact, the morning and evening are quite good, and it feels cool and comfortable to ride an electric car on the road. Noon is a test, sometimes very hot, especially in sunny weather. We started to go out at two o’clock every day, walking on the hot Road, feeling baked by fire. I had to walk closely close to the roadside. The subgrade on the roadside was densely covered with grass. Although in the hot summer sun, the grass grew luxuriant and robust, and at the same time, it could emit a little bit of coolness, walking along the roadside, there is less feeling of being baked. When the heat is unbearable, I will think of the charcoal peddler. He wore thin clothes and hoped that the weather would be cold because he was worried and cheap. I would rather run in this hot weather than work on time as usual, so that I could earn 50 yuan every day. The weather in summer is cloudy and sunny. If it is cloudy or rainy in the morning, I will worry secretly in my heart. Don’t rain heavily, so I can’t go out. When I came back, I was also caught in the rain. Although I was not drenched, I felt very uncomfortable when I was wet. Whenever there is such an experience, I feel sad in my heart: how can I become a slave of money like a charcoal peddler? 50 yuan sounds a lot, it is really not much, and you can’t earn much even if you work hard for a summer vacation. Charcoal-selling Weng goes to burn charcoal every day. The purpose of selling charcoal is to eat in the mouth of my clothes. What on earth is the reason why I work so hard every day like this? Then gradually relieved: normal people all have the need of work. I usually go to class every day and feel nothing. It was summer vacation, and suddenly nothing happened. I would feel depressed and bored when I stayed at home. In addition to earning some money, working for a job makes life full and meaningful. What’s wrong with this? If you have gains, you will lose, and people will often gain from loss. Just like my job, besides the hardship of running, I also gained a lot of happiness. There are not many students in the tutorial class, and the work is quite easy. After work, I can read books for a while and finish our task of writing 16000 words of reading notes comfortably and happily; I can chat with my colleagues and understand the joys and sorrows in her life; you can also watch children play games, and even play with them sometimes. Seeing them playing so happily, I feel that I am much younger. Sometimes I will patiently explain problems to children who have difficulties in learning, watching them make progress little by little and feeling full of sense of accomplishment. What is more important is the growth of my soul. I am very grateful for such an experience in my life. The harsh sun and cold rain made me understand how hard it was to earn money. With this kind of experience and feeling, I will try my best to get rid of the problem that I spend a lot of money and make the future consumption more rational; With this kind of experience and feeling, let me reflect deeply on my attitude towards work and life: I used to complain that life was too low and work salary was too low. Now I know that I don’t know how to be grateful and content. Of course, I would also like to thank Bai Juyi. The charcoal man he created made me experience how secure and happy we are to live and work in such a rich and stable society! Face life with a grateful heart. Only after experiencing wind and rain can you experience the beauty of Rainbow better! Like (prose editor: Shu Kuang) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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