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[Introduction] as the long river of history goes to today, the choice is not broken or easier. However, the experience that can be used for reference is others’ experience after all, which is somewhat imaginary, so we have to explore by ourselves. I once dreamed of being a person like Li Bai, but as I grew up, I found its unreality in this era. The days are like the clouds flowing in the sky, floating in the air and leaving suddenly, and there are always three monotonous colors: white, gray and black. When it left, there were not many delightful memories left except some vague shadows that could not be grasped. We are always repeating this monotony, and we always like to make simplicity complicated. A little black gray and white giant net woven in the days is spreading to every busy person. We are like birds in cages. No matter how we beat our wings, we still cannot fly further. After all, we are slaves of life. Because there is no life that really belongs to me, I don’t like memories. Just as Zhang Ailing said: memories always make people disappointed. The beauty of the past only makes people feel that everything is over, but the troubles of the past will only make people worry again. Apart from childhood, I am don’t have many beautiful days. The happy times left in my heart are always the same as mine. As I grow older, there are still many troubles, so my memory is very bad. I chose to think in the moment and let the upcoming days come to my mind in advance. When I was free, I would weave the net of life, network myself and others, and the net was woven, but I have to try to fly out, so I am always tired. I think tiredness is the stain of our era. In such an era, few people are really happy. Because there are too many things to pursue and choose, and the desire is also great. The bigger the desire is, the busier and busier it is, and the more tired the heart is. Facing the complicated world and dazzling choices, don’t invite yourself to worry. In order to relieve troubles, everyone gave birth to countless scheming, and people’s hearts began to become dangerous. The relationship between people became tense and their emotions became indifferent, thus forming a harsh living environment, we are struggling in such an environment. In fact, everyone is eager for happiness, but he always encounters dangers and pains. How to be happy, Hippocratic said: only balance and abstinence can people live a happy and harmonious life. Abstinence means abstinence of desire. If there is less desire, the heart will be clear. If the heart is clear, the blue sky and colorful clouds will be seen, and the days will be colorful. However, it is more difficult to control desire in a dangerous living environment full of temptation than to ascend the heaven. Everyone is praying for the gift of God. Who will be willing to lag behind others? However, some people also sent out different prayers. Tagore wrote in “My prayers”: Let me not pray to get shelter in danger, but pray to face them fearlessly; let me not pray that my pain will remain still, but ask my heart to conquer it. In this way, I chose to face it. I will try to conquer my pain with my heart. My heart is always bitter when I grow up. When I was young, I drank plain boiled water, which was sweet. When I grew up, I always had a taste of medicine. Now my heart has been used to tasting strong tea and coffee without sugar. In fact, the key is not what we drink, but what our hearts taste from it. You can taste the faint fragrance from bitter tea and coffee, and you can also taste the sweetness hidden behind life from pain. In fact, I am get used to the pain. The sky in Chengdu is always real Gray, which is different from the colorful false life of many urbanites, but it is in line with my life picture. I am urban outlanders. I think many people with pure souls are urban Outlanders! We are incompatible with these modern cities. Being in them is just like a ghost. Apart from the noise, it is unreal and unreal. I dare not stretch out my hands or open my mind, because the buildings in the bustling city are cold, the wind is not free, and life is stiff and mechanical. However, there were still a lot of people who tried hard to join the bustling crowd and then took themselves as the collateral of the city. From then on, they were imprisoned and lost themselves. I remember that in Goethe’s Faust, there is also such a meaning that Dr. Faust, who is addicted to the study, wants to experience the prosperity, wealth and power of the outside world, he did not hesitate to sell his soul to the devil meifest. However, after experiencing all kinds of sufferings in the world, he finally chose to embrace nature and live a simple life. I am willing to be Prometheus who is bound on the mountains and rocks by the same pain. Although there are Jiuying pecking the heart every day, at least I still have my own faith and can breathe fresh air. Unlike Faust who betrayed his soul, he was always manipulated by others and had no life of his own. But I also don’t want to make my life seem tired and boring in order to stick to an unfulfilled wish, just like Sisyphus who pushes stones up the mountain every day in Greek mythology. Everyone can have his own choice, but there is only one purpose, which is to live happily and happily. However, what is a happy and happy life can only be explored and experienced by oneself. As graduation approached, I was faced with few but difficult choices. In human history, some people spent a lifetime to make decisions, but life left me not much time to make decisions, so I am very upset. I can be regarded as a relatively realistic person, who was originally admitted to the graduate school. On the one hand, I really like literature and want to improve myself; On the other hand, I am afraid to face the reality too early and want to have more student dreams for several years; the third is to find a better job with higher salary. However, life was always like black humor, and I got an embarrassing score that couldn’t go up. It’s hard to make a decision before the score line comes out, but I have foreseen the slim hope, so adjust it, but I’m not willing to go to an ordinary college. Look for a job. However, after work, I am afraid that the literary dream will be further away from me. Today’s society is enough to turn a person into an inhuman person. The school is a prison in heaven. Students who were originally living a good life kept trying to get out of the prison and go to the road to hell. I think of the students who went to Beijing to take the exam under the ancient imperial examination system, and how excited and uneasy they were going to the examination room, to the larger prison and invisible net. How many people were defeated, and from then on, they were down and down for a lifetime, or they were drunk and Dreamless in the alley of fireworks and Willow. However, a truly great person is not successful, but can stand up a hard backbone from the pain after failure, gripping the throat of fate. Li Bai and Du Fu were not imperial scholars, but what really made people remember was not those noble people who were in high positions and power for a while after passing the exam, but those who were abandoned by life but still loved life. Looking at those students shuttling back and forth in the campus, those red men and green women, my heart was filled with pain. How many people will be submerged in the secular world, and how many people can insist on seeing the vast sea and sky? How many students are learning the external flashy, and how many are learning the noble character? Life should not be divided. Can we sharpen our souls while learning the skills of making a living? University education should not be divided. I think of the choices of great people thousands of years ago. Li Bai was a generous and stubborn person. He was open-minded and eclectic. Zeng Gao sang and went out with laughter. I was not from Penghao. He sang mountains and rivers, eulogizing the working people. However, when the emperor asked him to go to the court to whitewash the peace, he assumed that the emperor would not go aboard and called himself the immortal in the wine. Lying on the stone, I dreamed of myself. He is a powerful person who can make me unhappy. He lives his own life. Du Fu is also a person who chooses to live an ordinary life. He always stands with the working people. Although he has to endure hunger, cold and hard work all the time, I know that he is happy in his heart. There was also Tao Yuanming who didn’t bend his waist for the five Dou of rice. He abandoned his official position and retired. He lived a leisurely idyllic life, which described an ideal life like peach blossom garden for us. Su Shi was also a person whom I admired very much. He chose hanging pot to save the world, but he still suffered a lot in officialdom. Because he was smooth enough and would not flatter, he also tasted the sufferings of life in his whole life. Officialdom and shopping malls are always devoid of humanity. No matter how great a person is, he will be destroyed and become small in that occasion. The difficulty of choice made countless people who originally had lofty souls succumb to each other in a single thought. Guo Moruo was originally a talented poet, but he betrayed himself in front of desire for profit and power. The so-called poems he eulogized later made people feel sick. Zhou Zuoren’s literary talent is also good. His prose reads like a cup of light tea, which makes people feel relaxed. However, he is still a traitor. Even Bacon, a philosophical British writer who wrote “on life”, could not tolerate his loss in officialdom and flatter himself. Life is really not that simple, especially if you want to live a meaningful life, it is difficult! However, although some people choose the seemingly wrong life, it is not so disgusting. Hu Lancheng was a high-ranking official of Wang puppet regime. Zhang Ailing chose him, and many people felt shameful about Zhang Ailing’s choice. But I thought her choice didn’t go against anything. She knew what she really wanted. She chose her own love instead of the regime. You should know that Hu Lancheng was also very talented. Her two hearts were happy with each other, which made her a critical marriage. From the long river of history to today, the choice has not been broken, nor has it become easier. However, the experience that can be used for reference is others’ experience after all, which is somewhat empty, so we have to explore by ourselves. I once dreamed of being a person like Li Bai, but as I grew up, I found its unreality in this era. I would not be as bitter as Du Fu. Ma Xiaoxiao paid attention to the sufferings of people’s livelihood, because it was also unrealistic. Tao Yuanming’s seed beans are gradually leaving me at the foot of Nanshan Mountain. It seemed that Su Shi’s bamboo stick and Mang shoes were the only way to win the horse. No one was afraid that Ren Ping was born with a misty rain. But Su Shi, who was already in his old age, realized his life after the cruel destruction of life, it was his last choice. His mood was always bleak, and there was no wind or rain, and there was still a long way to go. 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