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Love Letter

[Introduction]: Dear, I can’t help calling you gently in my heart. The wings of sunshine are transparent and as thin as cicada wings, and the feeling on my face is warm and crisp. Whenever I lie on the grass and look up at the blue sky, I think, when your hand slips over my imminent, is it as warm and light as the sunshine. Dear: Hello! Forgive me for the way I greet you, because I don’t know your name. But I know you must exist. Maybe we have met for countless times, but we always pass each other as strangers. Although the crowd in this city is bustling, I know that there is a kind of smell and tacit understanding, which makes us recognize each other from each other’s eyes. Among thousands of people, in the boundless wilderness of time, meeting the person you are waiting for is probably the fate that people often talk about. In the days of walking alone, there are sunny and rainy days. The wind and sand of years sometimes hurt my eyes. The sharp arrow of suffering once wiped my forehead, but in the bottom of my heart, there is always a smile flower that never fades. I use her to resist the vicissitudes and the cold moisture in the crowd. I don’t want to, when you see me, my body is full of worldly wisdom and exhaustion. I must keep my eyes clear and pure, because eyes are the only token for me to connect with you. Only when your eyes are clear can you see the expectation in my heart for so many years, and you can read the words and passwords that only you can understand from the vast sea of people. In this world which is full of material desire and eager for quick success and instant benefits, few people can have the state of mind of being detached from things, and few people are not tired by the responsibility and pressure of life. Or you are running around the streets of cities that are not your own, sweating like rain, or you are racking your brains in front of office computers, or you are facing some kind of dilemma that I can’t imagine, please be sure to clench your teeth and stick to the past. Don’t give up your love for life, because I hope that when you see you, you will be optimistic, positive, strong, A person with connotation, carefulness and a good heart for life. Your shoulders may not be very wide, but you must be strong, because when I am capricious, I like to gently hit people with my fist, afraid of hurting you. But don’t worry, I will only be willful to you, don’t worry that I will hurt the innocent. Hehe, if you can hear the voice of a girl who is closely related to your life on Earth, will you insist on exercising every day. Dear, I can’t help calling you gently in my heart. The wings of sunshine are transparent and as thin as cicada wings, and the feeling on my face is warm and crisp. Whenever I lie on the grass and look up at the blue sky, I think, when your hand slips over my imminent, is it as warm and light as the sunshine. If one day, when it comes to the moment of cracking the password, I see you, my heart will be as bright as the sunshine of March in spring and clear as the lake water on the Sky Mountain. If one day I really met you, I would not allow you to tie your brows or sigh. Time is easy to pass and beauty is easy to grow old. We should decorate the group of time that has passed away in a hurry to be happier and happier. Don’t let troubles and sighs occupy even a quarter of an hour of life. There are always troubles in life, I know, but if you have me and I have you, we can successfully spend those gloomy days. If one day, I really met you, every morning, I would pull you up and say thank God, let me live, give me light, water, food, and the person around me. I am not a Christian, maybe you are not, but I must find something to express my gratitude to him for life, because only with life can I meet you, because I meet you, life a much better place. Therefore, we will spend every day with gratitude. In fact, I am worried that you will not pray with me, because men are afraid of doing troubles and too complicated things, but I think, when you see my eyes slightly closed, when you express your gratitude to the creator with happiness and devotion, your heart is also filled with happiness. Even if you don’t close your hands and eyes slightly, in your heart, you are still silently carrying out the same ceremony every day. If you see these words written to you one day, you will not laugh at me for being too naive, but be surprised that I have understood your heart so early. If one day I really met you, I would change the laziness of lazy pig into a diligent pig. Go to grandma’s kitchen and learn how to make delicious cakes with pine incense from her; Go to grandma’s kitchen pond and let her teach me how to simmer fragrant soup. Then learn to cook some home-made dishes from my mother. When I just started to cook, it might be very difficult to eat. If I feel wronged, I will cook it very delicious soon. But when I prepare food with love in the kitchen and sweat blows on my nose, I hope you can wipe it for me. If my hands are no longer tender due to washing, I hope you can hold her tightly in the palm as always. Or my hope is unnecessary, you will treat me much better than I expected. If one day, I really met you, I will show you this letter. We snuggle up in the dusk and sunset, in the rising smoke, we will have more and better hopes and write our love letters of life more beautiful and moving. You said, I am a little woman who loves to dream. I said, meeting you is my dream, and staying with you day and night is my dream. 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