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While eating spicy chicken sent by Hui people from Xinjiang, writing autobiography is a very touching thing. It is too necessary to express. If you don’t express it, you will be grabbed by a force around your neck. First of all, I want to show my readers that I am definitely not a good material, but I am very loyal to my friends. I promise that I will be very sincere in the following narration and will not tell lies, at least in the hard work of writing, I can completely throw my heart to readers like a good person. The topic goes back to my reading age. The so-called era is just a synonym for boredom or disturbance. My era is boredom and disturbance. But most of the time, any child is shy, even those children who are chasing the manuscript of the girl’s heart are shy to some extent. Why do I use several adverbs? To some extent, this may be my guess, because my understanding of human nature makes me surprised at the word shyness. This is the same as the great Aristotle surprised at the conscience of human heart and the starry sky. When I got home, I would be very happy if there were delicious food. Even if my father only brought back a little bread and leftover bread, I would be ecstatic for it, very like the victims in Africa. At that time, my desire, especially my expectation of satisfying the physical food and love, was so strong that I broke through my weak bones, every cell in this bone can be called the Castle of desire or the bullet of desire. Later, when I read a passage from Schopenhauer, this great man’s understanding of human nature was much deeper than that of many Chinese pretending writers. He said that people were swinging in desire and boredom. To put it bluntly, men hope to keep doing grass every day. If there is no grass, it will be very boring. A guy named Du Ping who was in the same seat with me was also a guy who loved the manuscript of the girl’s heart but didn’t grow up. One day, he showed me a piece of text in a comic book very friendly, I still clearly remember that the woman was raped because she was too beautiful and plump. After reading this paragraph, I felt that it was not too strong. It could be seen that my control over myself did not collapse as soon as I met the storm, but had a certain resistance to pornography, of course, this kind of porn only sticks a little flower. I still remember the smile on Du Ping’s face, happy, excited and eager to try. It was a pity that only manuscripts were popular in our era, and there were no overwhelming top films and sexual tools. At that time, the streets were very clean, and there were no shampoo houses and sauna which were now multiplying like mushrooms. Our children are only polluted by some manuscripts at most, and more flowers of our motherland will not touch this kind of manuscripts, because they are really in great demand. They earn their eyes and smile. At that time, I felt that not all smiles were like flowers, especially those who looked at manuscripts with smiles. That kind of elated smiles must make all the young girls I have seen feel thrilled. There was an old woman teacher who was very pretends to compare with each other in school. At that time, she also taught my father and always said to my father, “Your son is not as smart as you were when you were young, and his reaction was slow, and once, because of being naughty with my sister, the corner of my eye was bleeding. What I can’t forget is that when I arrived at the class, the birds were extremely happy and several people shouted excitedly, Haha, Cyclops, Cyclops. My heart is always not fiercely rebellious, because there is always a sense of leadership in my mind, that is, your arm is incomplete but can’t beat those birds, of course, many thoughts of revenge flashed through my heart, but I don’t know why I don’t want to implement it. Maybe I am afraid of disturbance in my heart and like quietness, which is another typical poet’s character. I say that I am a poet, because I think I can understand poetry and the beauty of poetry very well, this kind of aesthetic characteristic I had since I was a child made me approach drama and literature step by step. When I wrote down the previous words of drama and literature, I felt a little warm in my heart, because I got a lot of praises in drama and literature, and even was pushed to a very admirable height in drama, this is certainly a postscript, and I will say it later. The pretending teacher saw that one of my eyes was covered by gauze, so he couldn’t help laughing. He was also very happy, smiling and satirizing the one-eyed dragon like I am birds. Dear readers, please allow me to use some dirty words in this article. It is not the outbreak of my extreme anger, but that group of people only deserve such a name. I am just a truthful expression. Of course, I am not the only one who is unfortunate and humiliated in this world. Our Chinese teacher, whose surname is Lu, is secretly scolded by the whole class. And whenever he leaves the classroom, the sound of Lu’s fart is endless. I still don’t know why so many people like to abuse their teachers so much, and this teacher is much more honest than the female teacher who pretends to be compared. He never blames others and is very patient, but his family was not peaceful, and his wife committed suicide several times. I still clearly remember that one morning, it was raining, and his wife was floating in the river, crying and shouting, Let me die, let me die. But she also had a strong desire to survive. She supported the mud with her feet on the side near the river bank. Teacher Lu stood on the bank with a very anxious look, but she didn’t take any action. At that time, there were many onlookers. I found that when a person was about to be engulfed by death, many people couldn’t laugh and felt anxious. Of course, except for those who jump off a building, when someone jumps off a building, it will drive the life around, for example, if you watch for a long time, you will have the need to consume water and the suspense that you want to eat something and then continue to appreciate that jumper’s desire to jump. One of my writer friends got inspiration from others jumping off a building. He began to write suspense novels and created suspense, because there were many suspense in the process of jumping off a building, such as how he jumped, whether to stretch out one foot slowly, or jump quickly, or change your mind. This process makes the onlookers especially excited, just like watching top movies on TV, which is more real and exciting. That teacher Lu has retired now. I saw him several years ago. I also took the initiative to greet him. He is very happy and I still remember him. I have always had an extraordinary memory, and even I still remember the scene when I was born on the first day. When I told this to others, no one believed it, but I was sure that, if I die, I will not deny what I saw on the first day. I feel that I will definitely be extraordinary in the future. I am not full of hatred for this world, but want to experience and communicate. As a person who likes literature, it is a natural thing to like communication, and I am very interested in what others think, how do others think of the world. I have too many views and understandings of this world, and I also think that I have a fight with some great philosophers. I say this not to flaunt my greatness, but to prove that the great people in the world are also ordinary. [Responsible editor: Ke Er]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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