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White Dew

[Editor’s note]: the reeds are gray, and the White Dew is frost; The so-called Yi people are on the water side. The path is blocked and long; The path is traced back from it, and the wan is in the center of the water. I remember I sighed in an article that Autumn Tiger was chased back to the mountain by wind and rain, and autumn came. Now look at the shadow of autumn, I don’t see the falling of leaves, nor the wind that once made me cold called the north wind, some of them are still hot and suffocating hot air mixed in the air. Yesterday was Belo in the 24 solar terms. It is usually Bailu on July and August of September every year. According to the calculation, at this time, the sun passed the yellow meridian at one hundred or sixty-five degrees, so it was cold at night, and the moisture condensed into Dew from then on, so it was called Bailu. Here, before and after the perennial White Dew, it is usually cloudy and rainy days, and it is about seven days, which is relatively cool, commonly known as the cloudy white dew. Experience makes people generally believe the saying of yinbailu and The Legend of Bailu. It was said that Bailu was a great chef, whose craftsmanship was the best in the world, and even the emperor who loved to be picky was the best. One day, the emperor asked Bailu: What is the most delicious dish in the world? Bailu answer: it’s salt! No, the emperor wanted to show off that he had the rare and sea flavor, while the white dew even praised the salt that even the common people saw. Salt how most delicious? The crime of deceiving the Emperor, the emperor killed Bailu in a fit of pique, and told the imperial kitchen that salt was not allowed within seven days. For seven days, delicacies without salt, Emperor eat more and more want to vomit, square know killed White Dew. The emperor was so regretful that he wrote down the wrong words on the plain silk with a royal pen. There was no sky for seven days. It happened that a minister came to visit him. The emperor didn’t want others to know that he regretted, he burnt the silk in a hurry, and this burning happened to be accepted by the City God who passed by. The City God presented the Jade Emperor, and the Jade Emperor gave it to the emperor. Therefore, there was the Bailu festival and Yin Bailu festival in memory of Bailu. There is also a legend that on Bailu’s day, when the first dawn appeared, the man who fell in love handed a Emerald symbolizing the tears of the goddess to his lover. Then, no matter what hardships the lovers encounter, their relationship will always be very solid. Legend belongs to legend, and this day is real. Our Hunan side has been getting hot day by day since September 2nd. Autumn Tigers are coming again, so arrogant. The indoor temperature is generally above 27 to 37 degrees, which is terrible. However, according to the weather forecast, the high temperature will not last long, and the temperature will gradually decrease slightly. Don’t worry, after all, it’s up to heaven. It seems that the traditional saying is hard to be traditional. No one can say for sure whether Yin Bai Lu will become the past, but one thing can be said correctly is that this abnormal climate is caused by ourselves. [Responsible editor: easy to get along with]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. The answer to the consultation letter is just encouraging an existing… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 14, 2018) January 14, 2018: Today, the temperature in Wujiang is relatively warm, not as cold as a few days ago. Yesterday and Today, Wu Jiang’s… Be a person who never stops growing up Teacher Lily coughed with a strong nasal tone when she was in yoga class. Maybe it’s uncomfortable, she has less demonstration action today,… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 13, 2018) January 13, 2018: Yesterday, my sister and nephew Little David didn’t come to the Dongwan village of jinjiaba where my mother and I stayed temporarily,… An emotional diary of a Christian (January 12, 2018) January 12, 2018: The day before yesterday, I said, “my mother will go to Kunshan tomorrow.” However, yesterday, my mother did not go to Kunshan…