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My heart

Seeing the group of friends come and go one by one, but I stick to this place, sometimes I reflect on myself: why do I come back to see the familiar prose online after transferring to a place, although there will be no big changes every day, I stubbornly believe that there will be great changes. Now it seems that all the friends in the group are living in the dark. They are all cat-holding and don’t talk. They are afraid of any trouble and will be dismissed. Haha, it is a bit like a spy activity. Several opinions and suggestions on prose online: Firstly, both the online moderators and editors and commentators of prose have families and career jobs, and they don’t want to pay any money, just do your best for the website and friends. The only requirement is to be happy. In reality, you can be a high-ranking official or a rich businessman, but everyone is equal in the website. Treat everyone equally and don’t bring the selfishness in life to the website, you are just a reader and a writer. You should treat it with a normal attitude. The website belongs to everyone. If you feel unhappy, you can leave. As long as you are willing to have so many friends, free to come and go! Second: when I have time, I hope to arouse everyone’s enthusiasm, regard the author as God, and regard work as a service. Attract authors with excellent service. Only such a website will have vitality, and the website will have aura. Seeing that there are so many QQ groups now, some of them are talking, and they are all quietly cats. If you don’t communicate, how would understand? I hope everyone can come to the group for a while every day, write articles, edit and comment happily, and do the work of the website with an optimistic mood. Editors will edit articles, writing comments is a pleasure for yourself. Is it better to feel that way? Third: Wenyou, don’t just grab those senior executives who leave messages under their articles. Look at a lot of beautiful words written on the website, but there are few comments, however, those seemingly gorgeous articles were left everywhere just because they were webmasters or managers. Article Review is an important work for website to increase popularity. All staff should insist on doing well. The website should be smart and simple. Fourth: The website should have a layer-by-layer responsibility system. One layer to one layer is responsible, and managers should know clearly about the management of the website. Website management should regard problems as advantages and know clearly. Competition mechanism should be introduced. In fact, competition mechanism is also a working idea. Prosperity and expansion of the website should be the working philosophy of every staff. Fifth: we can actively look for advertisers and increase our advertising efforts. Advertisements with beautiful voice like those big websites can be self-owned and loss-making, and we can try our best to make features like large websites come out, if you add advertisements to the website, you can click it if you are interested. I believe that as a webmaster, I will never forget those relatives who have paid for the website by clicking advertisements. You can add some advertisements on the homepage. For example, there are many business, individual and collective Boss readers on our website, and they can add some advertising links widely, we can’t compare with big websites, but we can find small advertisers by ourselves. There is not much money to take out a section on the website to make an advertising column, but it must be in the front section of the website, although the money is small, we should gather more with less. (I will be the first one to add advertisements, haha, for nothing else, just for fun, you can January 10 yuan, if there are 30 advertisers in January, the money is quite good). When you have no money to pay the space fee, it is useless to say anything, so it is the absolute principle to earn the advertising fee well. The website can hold some essay contest or something. For example, if the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming next, you can have a mid-autumn Festival essay contest. There are not many prizes, but what you want is that mood, only if the advertisement has income can there be prizes. The Internet is happy and relaxing. You can edit articles for your friends with full enthusiasm. Editors are all volunteer workers who only rely on their love and hobbies. It is just a drop of water in the vast sea of Internet, and all friends who care about and love prose online are also such a drop of water. Tens of millions of drops of water will eventually converge into a sea. I believe that as long as the website needs it, we will exert our meager strength, work together and unite to make the dream of literature stronger and bigger! There is a kind of love called speechless, and a kind of love called gratitude. Leaves leave branches and throw themselves into the embrace of the Earth to rest. That is Ye’s affection for roots. May prose online with the efforts of administrators, it can occupy the hearts of brothers and sisters, and make the brothers and sisters who love literature unshakable for the online prose! If there is something wrong with the language, please forgive me. If you have seen it, please forget! Statement: prose online is a public welfare website, and all staff participate in it voluntarily. Like (prose editor: Ke Er) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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