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T202 is the train number from Sanya to Beijing. It has nothing special with the train number I have taken. The different place I am taken in Wuchang and I am in a hurry to leave, bought a ticket for standing room, coupon is showing on the 2010 nian 5 yue 23 ri Late 20:21 open, 15 car, no seat. At 4:00 p.m. that day, my son and Shanshan sent me to Wuchang Railway Station. The place where they studied was far away from the railway station. I was afraid of missing their classes, so I urged them to go quickly. As for separation, I was used to waving my hand. My throat was already choked with tears rolling in my eyes. I walked to the waiting room quickly. I knew my son and they were still looking at my back until I disappeared from their sight. My son also burst into tears, sighing. People from all over the world stayed in the waiting room, waiting for the train number they expected to come. I am waiting in Zone 6. When she left, Shan Shan gave me a copy of “Return of the King”, which was about the speech of Postgraduate Entrance Examination. I smiled and said that I couldn’t understand it. Shanshan insisted on me to wear it, saying that the waiting time was too long, so she was relieved after seeing it. Now I am reading this book, and my thoughts wander along with the splendid beautiful articles of pride. Several hours passed quickly. T202 arrived 7 minutes later. I packed into 15 cars with my luggage. So many people. I am stepped on by others from time to time, and also stepped on others from time to time. It was hard to squeeze into the middle of the carriage, and there was a poor gap in the luggage rack to put the luggage up. It was an extravagant hope to find an open space even to put a piece of waste paper to sit down. Soon, the train started. I stood, no matter how uncomfortable it was, I also firmly grasped the handrail. Then I laughed at myself for a Spring Festival. The noishness of people in the carriage and the play of two televisions make the concept of time blurred. Those selling rice and goods on the train didn’t stop until more than 10 o’clock. Fire, fire! The quiet carriage was broken by the horrible sound. I hurriedly looked at the 16th carriage. In outside! Someone calling. As expected, the Red Sparks formed a wavy line, like the symbol of music, pouring horrible notes into the carriage. Only because of the glass blocking, let us wait and see the horrified music chapter. Call the staff to report the situation, call the police…… There was a lot of restlessness in the carriage. Some even want to smash the glass and jump off the car. Experienced and elder people stopped everyone from being calm, from smashing glass and setting fire stars into the carriage. The speed was so fast that jumping out of the car was death. At this moment, I think of my son. If danger happens, then I will act with everyone. I very calm. The thought of death made me meet in this way. I just had nothing to do with my son and things related to him. I even thought of taking off the bag on the luggage rack and taking out the cellphone which had been turned off to tell my son this meaning, but it was selfish to think of me spreading horrible messages on such a night, it is better to turn off the mobile phone forever. The staff on the train arrived, and the master quickly repaired. The spark which lasted for more than ten minutes stopped flying. But the frightened people in the carriage were so excited that they attacked the staff one after another, forcing the conductor to constantly explain and apologize. In order to ensure the safety of passengers, the train stopped for more than 20 minutes. It should be a check. Train deceleration forward. Passengers calm down. There are so many passengers off Zhengzhou station that we finally have seats. As if to adjust the restless mood to the best state, most of the passengers in the carriage went to sleep. I slept so hard that I woke up and the train had entered Beijing station, which was more than an hour late. I was busy leaving the station. The important thing was to open the bag and take out the mobile phone to report the safety to my son. When the machine is turned on, the son’s information comes in, and the son’s father’s information comes in. I replied: there was a small problem with the train, and it was late. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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