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Taking over the comprehensive practice course really made me feel uncomfortable. It was also the most troublesome course for everyone. Without teaching materials, we had to explore by ourselves and make students happy, which was really hard for me. The head teacher of grade six proposed to me: we most hope that you can have an activity of making dumplings, so that students can have personal experience and have something to write when writing compositions. It is very troublesome to engage in activities, but I wonder if you are willing to engage in activities? Good! As long as I can make students gain something, of course I will. I immediately declared that the weather was warm and there were many dishes in October, so I planned to finish this activity in October. Later, as the weather became colder, everyone has no mind to increase students’ learning tasks. After the National Day, the students will be divided into groups in the class to plan the activity plan. The group will discuss the materials they need to prepare. The most important thing is how to get the dumpling stuffing, where to get it on Earth, the group will discuss it by itself and set the time for making dumplings. Then all the materials prepared by the group will be OK. Class Six (4) was the first activity. On the day of making dumplings, the students were in high spirits. At noon, I went to ask about the preparation, and the children answered with one voice that they were all ready. Considering that it is just an activity, let each student taste the dumplings made by himself, experience the happiness of enjoying the fruits of his labor, and don’t want to prepare too many dumpling wraps. I said I would take someone to the street to buy dumpling wraps, and the children all rushed to go. One student was very excited to take out his ten yuan, and other students also paid one after another, in this way, I bought 16 yuan round dumpling wraps and half square dumpling wraps. The third class in the afternoon began to learn how to make dumplings. The excitement of the students was no longer high. They took out their own stuffing one after another, and the whole canteen began to be filled with the fragrance of dumpling stuffing. One of the groups only brought dumpling wraps without stuffing. Due to the hot weather, the dumpling wraps also became smelly. The students of the whole group looked at other people’s wraps in a daze, later, they were arranged to other groups to learn the package with everyone. Some students in some groups are quite good at it, and they also make various Fancy dumplings. If there is any problem, I will give them a demonstration, telling them to tighten the edge, and check the wrapped dumplings one by one, otherwise they will fall apart when they are put into the pot. After a while, the dumplings were wrapped up. Seeing that they still brought a lot of stuffing, they went to buy some dumpling wraps. We call dumplings with round skin and wonton with square skin. Due to the different thickness of the skin, we must separate them when cooking. The students heard that the dumplings were cooked together, and the wonton was cooked by Wonton. They didn’t eat the dumplings by themselves without any stuffing. They had no objection and seemed to be very happy. They could eat different flavors of stuffing. The steaming dumplings were brought up, which was the result of the students’ own labor. The students separated orderly and shared the dumpling stuffing of different tastes. When they eat by themselves, they don’t forget their mentor, and send their best fruits of labor dumplings to each office. The whole activity of class six (4) ended successfully, and it was also praised by other teachers. Dumplings taste good. I said: this is all due to the contribution of students. They all know each other well. It also makes me believe that the ability of students can not be underestimated. Is for a week. On Tuesday afternoon, the two classes of class six (3) and Class Six (1) were connected one after another. They were packed in the classroom and then cooked in the canteen. It was said that the dumplings made by each group should be mixed and boiled. At first, some students disagreed, but at last, they all agreed that they could eat different flavors of stuffing after mixing, besides, the discipline is very good in the process of eating in the canteen. Although the amount of dumplings made by these two classes is less than that made by class six (4), and even the dishes made by class six (1) are less, dumpling wraps were unnecessary, and they did not forget the kindness of teachers, and they all sent the fruits of labor one after another. The students all feel that they take care of those students who eat less and leave a portion for them to take to the classroom. I am very pleased to see that everyone can share happiness in this way and really learn to share. I think these students are really sensible. They also invite my teacher from time to time to taste our dumplings. Even some students gave me dumplings with chopsticks to taste, and I also warmly accepted their hospitality. In fact, it was not because I was greedy and had to eat dumplings made by students, but because I was moved by the enthusiasm of students and felt that if I didn’t try it, it seemed that I failed their kindness. But something incredible happened in class 6 (2) on Friday afternoon. I also instructed them how to pack. The amount of leather in their class is the same as that in Class 2 and Class 3, but they start to grab the leather when they take it. It seems that some group can eat more after a while. I said to them: everyone will eat ten first, and also send some to your teacher to taste your craft, and then you will share the rest. You know what the students say, how can each one eat ten, too few, we didn’t eat lunch, just waiting for dumplings. Have students cried. I’m really dizzy. There are so many people in the whole class and just a few dumpling wraps in this activity. How can it be enough? When the students were packing, they divided the dumplings into bowls and bowls for each person. It seemed that they could eat the dumplings when they were born. I said I would cook it together later. The students began to shout after listening, but I didn’t agree. Some students even said: If you want to cook together, then mine will not be cooked. Why should I take it home for others to eat. They were told to pack the dumplings and wonton separately in bags and take them to the canteen to cook. The students refused, so they only wanted each person to take their own. Seeing their selfishness really makes me feel cold, but this is not the most chilling thing. What really makes people horrible is still behind. A pot of steaming dumplings came up. As usual, I held the pot and wanted to give them points. I didn’t know that these students were simply a group of hungry wolves, like wolves who had been hungry for several days, A swarm of bees came up to grab it, and almost squeezed the basin onto the ground. I was afraid that others would eat more, so I tried my best to grab dumplings into my own bowl and smashed a pot of dumplings. I said I had never seen you like this. Another big pot of dumplings came up, and they still robbed after scolding them. I said that you also left some for your teachers, and the students didn’t listen at all. Some students even whispered why did they give them to the teachers? They didn’t pay for it. Some students also suggested to save some dumplings for the teacher. I managed to save some dumplings for their English teacher’s office. The English teacher was busy. Seeing the students like this, he frowned and shook his head again and again and said forget it. I don’t want it. Let them eat. I said your teacher didn’t want it, so I divided those dumplings! Which know pupil and berserk. The scene was extremely shameful. However, the kind-hearted students who proposed to save some for the teacher ate the least. The more kind-hearted students in such a class, the less favorable they would be. After finishing the meal, they were asked to clean up the table before leaving. They were only willing to clean up their own world. They would never do anything that others used, no one is willing to pick up the rubbish on the ground, but I handled it. When I arrived at the classroom, I told them that your appearance was too chilling. It doesn’t matter if I didn’t taste one of your dumplings. Even if I asked you to leave some for your teachers, they wouldn’t, you are so selfish. Some of the students told me that I hadn’t eaten much. They are blaming others for eating too much instead of finding their own reasons. There was a girl who kept the dumplings she made without taking them to cook and wanted to take them home. She was condemned and crying, which made me, the person in charge of this activity, feel embarrassed: such activities did not make them happy, but caused such dissatisfaction. The students also shouted: teacher, there are too few bags this time, so I will pack more next time. Thank God, I dare to do this. You are not grateful at all. I am not happy to invite you. You have learned how to pack it. Go home and pack more! I answered them like this. A class group is like a big family. Only when everyone has a heart, works together and shares something good, can the class group be cohesive and everyone will feel happy. Otherwise, if everyone only cares about themselves and never considers others’ feelings, then the whole group will be like a mess of sand. How can everyone be happy in such a group? In fact, only by learning humility from each other and bringing happiness to others can we truly experience happiness. Selfishness will only accompany complaints and troubles. Finally, I also told the students of Class 2 my different feelings about several classes. I said that this is the end of the dumpling making activity. I hope you can reflect on it. But seeing their reflection, they still complain about what others are like, and there is no way to find their own reasons. I really hope that they can find out their own shortcomings, learn to share with others, learn to be humble with each other, and one day they can feel real happiness instead of only complaining about others. Many students are still begging for such activities. Wait until you have gratitude someday! Like (prose editor: Yue ran) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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