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Xiao Zhang is Lao Li’s nephew, and the two grandsons always get along well. One day when the two grandsons were talking, the nephew responded to the words of the great uncle, which made the great uncle really angry, and this sentence was like a monster in his heart, I tossed and turned in my heart and flowed into the old sea along the blood. I couldn’t figure it out. Through My Eyes, scenes of my nephew’s painstaking efforts at ordinary times always emerged. Lao Li thought that he had been engaged in education for decades, which could be said that Tao and Li were all over the world. How could everyone respect me? How could my nephew respond to such sad words to me today. Looking back to my nephew at ordinary times, I washed clothes and cooked meals, and sometimes I took them to see a doctor to take medicine, especially when I was a child, I even sent them to my nephew. Not only does it take a lot of effort in life, but sometimes it has to put a lot of money on the economy. Now my nephew has grown up and is still a little intellectual, how can he say that makes people sad and cry. If there is no humanity, come on? I thought it was not too embarrassing for my nephew, but I just asked him to fulfill a wish for me, bring something and give me some labor, and I also repeatedly stated that it was just to do me a favor, how could he answer me with such words and attitudes that he did not care about him? People often say: The kindness of dripping water is reported by the spring. Is the generation gap between the two generations so different? Lao Li needed to continue to do something for his nephew without complaint or regret as a predecessor, but he was always unhappy and wanted to spit it out quickly and meet his best friend one day, he poured out the bitter water in his heart to his friend, and his friend tried every means to persuade him. Young man, who was full of vigor and courage, said such words for fear of trouble, as elders, we firmly believe that with the passage of time and their growth, we will understand the painstaking efforts of our generation. The story of mountains a long time ago, due to the fight between wolves and Wolves in a big mountain, the fight between tigers and leopards, the constant invasion of foreign enemies, and the suffering of all creatures and spirits, the Jade Emperor sent a small immortal to follow the rules and make it the mountain, the Mountain God ordered the tiger to be a general, commanding and commanding all the generals in the mountain. The inside was in chaos, and the outside was against the enemy. If the tiger is not there, the wolf will be king. There are sheep under the wolf, and rabbits under the sheep are stacked up and down layer by layer, with distinct grades. The sheep and rabbits eat grass, the Tiger and Wolf eat meat, and the sheep and rabbits are often eaten by tigers, rabbit dares to compete with sheep for grass. Regardless of the internal struggle among animals, the mountain god only promotes the King of species from all kinds of animals for good management. In order to encourage the strong to survive and the weak to eat the law of survival of the fittest, the mountain god not only promotes animals of the same kind, moreover, it also uses its divine method to transfer animals with good performance and ability from weak to strong, so that rabbits are capable and talented, outstanding, and highly valued by mountain gods, not only can he be promoted to the King of rabbits, but also he is likely to be promoted to the tiger to the strong under the divine method of the mountain god. Otherwise, if the king of tigers is incompetent, he may not only be reduced to the common people in Tigers, it is also very likely to transform rabbits into weak ones under the divine method of mountain gods, and implement the rolling optimal transfer method to encourage the mountain to learn and strive hard, so the animals in the mountain are not big or small, strong and weak, all of them study hard and practice their survival skills and special effects. I hope they can turn around, afraid of turning down. All kinds of animals can not only manage the same kind, but also discuss the direction around the mountain god. Once the king of all kinds of animals held a meeting under the convening of the mountain god, the rabbit King proposed to the mountain god when he saw the wolf king was absent, wolves are rampant and bully the weak. It is suggested to drive away the mountain gate. The King of all the weak animals agrees in unison. But Fox King said: wolves, tigers, leopards and so on are all driven away. Hunters drive directly. Where is Shanwei? The mountain god said: tigers, wolves, bears, leopards, sheep, rabbits, birds and snakes are all members of the mountain and indispensable, the principle of survival of the weak is that if you want to survive and practice your unique skills, and if you want to survive and survive the fittest, the unchanging animals will remember the instructions of the mountain gods, then they want to coexist safely. Like (prose editor: Ke Er) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. The main purpose was to teach them how to play WeChat, and let them… Comments on the Chinese version of “worry-free grocery store” Everyone moves towards a better life through his own efforts. 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