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[Introduction] fall into the distance and want to see more scenery. Look at the scenery through time and space. When you see the scenery, what kind of yearning is left behind-I am not me, and you are not you. As soon as we entered the early winter, there was still the rain left in late autumn. It was like rushing to the streets. One after another, the temperature became lower with the gradual rain. Because of the collision at noon yesterday, my fingers were swollen and painful. No frustration, no chagrin, and a clear mood. In fact, pain is not necessarily a bad thing. As if, there are some time, let the past years of thoughts, salvage some old Sesame, or sad or happy, or worried or suffering, no matter what the result is, we have experienced, the root of life is getting deeper and deeper. Second, every scenery exists alone, just like everyone. Then everyone’s way of self is like parallel lines, shuttling between the world and never crossing. How many unexpected things are there, and what answers do they mean? These are unclear. Maybe there is only a kind of Sansheng stone, and there is a voice calling there, only passing deep and shallow by the ear of the destined person. Third, I like to enter my own garden in the dead of night. Wearing soft and warm pajamas, accompanied by an orange desk lamp, it was quiet, peaceful and graceful, with a little woman-like shallow smile. Let some good times worth recalling flow out from the fingers, let sad, grateful, delighted, lightly reflect some illusions, such as Penglai Pavilion, which makes people mistakenly think that they can touch and walk in. In fact, far and near are the same in essence. Those tangled complex, missed and missed, will feel painful as long as they think of it. Love or not is fate or robbery. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the depth of falling and the degree of pain. Everything will eventually return to dust. Fourth, some things can only be achieved through a lifetime, but more often, they leave regrets. Just like a city, some people are always there, but they can’t reach it. They can only look at each other helplessly, letting time fall from their fingers, in the fog, it is the unspeakable missing and concern in my heart. Fifth, for a period of time, I seldom contacted with the outside world, and the range of activities was so small that I could reach out and touch my heart. Lonely. Rejected. Contradiction. Hesitate. My Reflections. Put down. Picked up. There are thousands of ways to heal wounds, mine, no one can guess. No matter I am happy or sad, I only pay for myself. Everyone is like this. Just like the person in the world of mortals walking in the sunshine, a smiling face appearing in front of you, can you guess whether he is really happy? Perhaps, living a pure life of soul should be the most suitable for oneself. Six within a short period of half a month, The Willows on the moat river shed their hair, leaving only bare empty sleeves, flying in the cold wind. Maybe the flying can welcome the blooming peach blossom, the blooming cherry blossom and the growing grass. But I can’t see anything. I don’t know whether you are walking in tirob market in karca or walking through the path of the garden in the city. Haizi said: There is nothing in the distance except the distance. But there is another sentence: all the scenery is far away. I am fascinated by the distance and want to see more scenery. Look at the scenery through time and space. When you see the scenery, what kind of yearning is left behind-I am not me, and you are not you. Seven girls across the door got married, with festive firecrackers. Looking at the newcomers wearing Chinese-style red satin robe, wish you well! Turning back, the dust-separated and screen-separated people make people think deeply. In my memory, there was a woman from the south of the Yangtze River who still held her lute and sang some ancient poems: One night the Green Lotus was cut through with Frost, making it impossible for him to fall in the autumn rain without Pearl and blue clouds, yellow leaves on the ground, and, wave on Han yancui falling clouds and solitary greedy fly together, autumn sky color. Nostalgia is warm, moist, sad and painful. There are some missing for those who come and go. Although there is still a fragrance of laughter in your mouth, there are some things in your heart. Some people never leave. There is nothing to be sad, it is enough to stay in the heart. How wonderful it is to keep the dream unbeaten and filled with fragrance! Like (prose editor: prose online) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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