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[Editor’s note]: simple language reveals this affectionate family affection, which is sincere and touching. Treat your sister with your heart and interpret her with your soul. As long as the article can impress people and express their deep feelings and sincerity, it is enough. The hazy night, the low Music, facing the computer, I was silent and clear. Sometimes, many times, since I was afraid of being alone, wasn’t I used to being alone? I have asked myself for countless times, but I can’t find the answer. Why is it so solemn and sad? Sometimes, when I am once lonely, I will think of you and your smiles, I think of all your words and the warm girl hidden in my heart. I have never called you so melodramatic. I am neither melodramatic nor affectionate. I have been from optimistic to pessimistic all the way, it’s all on my own. I’m sorry that I didn’t care too much for you. I’m numb, so it doesn’t matter whether I have it or not. It’s a heart-wrenching pain, and then it’s tears., I also read books on the clear desktop and the bluish sky. Sister, are you coming soon? Sister, I know how difficult it is for you to walk all the way. I understand, just like the warmth you said to me only stayed during the period when you were in hospital, I am sure to say, isn’t it? In fact, I know that we all need to care and be loved. We are children who lack love. Are we children? I hesitated. No, we have grown up. We have matured as early as that time. Do you know the temperature of your home? I don’t know. I only know that it is colder than winter. I have avoided stepping into the house for countless times. I just want to be free and wandering, and hide my sister. I have not forgotten that during that time, the torture of surgery, now that I have thought of the worst result, I don’t know if you can still smile and talk to the doctor when the knife passes through your stomach, but now? Can you still do it? Your happiness is no longer happy, and your smile is not as good as before. When I saw the ugly scar of your belly, with teeth and tiger claws, they were so hateful and must be very painful. I didn’t ask you, I am never melodramatic, sister, forgive me for ignoring you all the time, but how can I make up for it? Make up for all this, but can Childhood return to childhood? Sister, I can’t even find the childhood belonging to both of us, and the extravagant happiness. I know very well how hard and helpless we are along the way. Tears no longer burst the bank. Being alone and facing difficulties, without the comfort of parents, the support seems so expensive. The pain only makes you understand that when you see your classmate’s parents coming to school to see them, sister, will you envy them too? Do you also want to have such parents? I have envied and hated, which made me disguise my strength for a time. Sometimes, many times, I would comfort myself that I am different from other people’s children, that is to be more strong and mature. From beginning to end, there is always such a person accompanying you, that is, you in the mirror and your beloved sister lingering in your heart, when you are helpless, will you cry alone? Then wipe away the tears and smile again. Then, you will hear others say how happy and happy you are and how charming your smile is? Is? Then, you will say it’s good to be happy. In others’ eyes, what an optimistic child you are. When you can’t get others’ understanding, will you think of home? Do you think of your mother? Do you think of your mother’s warm hands? Do you need the support of your family? Do you want to listen to their opinions on you? Yes, I think what you need, but you will be scared, you will be disappointed, and then you will lose your sister. Do you love him? Does he love you as well? Do you sometimes need such a person to love you, love you, and then you give all your love, because when you love, he is your whole heaven, you like the feeling of holding you in your palm. You hope to have a bright future with him and a home full of love. Then you will be afraid and afraid of the loss of all this. Do you know? When Love has a relationship with two things, it will turn into soul-stirring. One is death, and the other is time. Death and time have become so pitiful, love and be loved, there are only forgetful and forgetful, selective happiness and sadness. Once upon a time, I have imagined all the beautiful and unhappy processes and endings. In the end, there are differences between good and bad, this is the missing beauty. Just, sister, are you happy? You are numb, aren’t you? You have been disappointed. Don’t be disappointed with everything around you. At least don’t be disappointed with yourself. I’m afraid to hear your numbness and all your unhappiness and silence, now that I am scared, especially when I am alone, I I am so nervous when thinking of you, can you understand? I just want you to grow up happily, but why do you seem to be unable to move happily, okay? Yes, sometimes I think about your happiness selfishly, just to reduce my guilt, just to make me feel better. Only when you are safe, can I do my own thing with ease, I am is so selfish that I can’t forgive me. I have said too much and too many irrelevant words just for what. I want to say a lot of words to you. I want you to understand,, you won’t listen to me. You are melodramatic to me, spoiled to me, and those are so luxurious and impossible. Are you happy? [Editor in charge: Man Tree]] Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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