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War Mosquito

Recently, the temperature is getting warmer, which is a happy thing, but when the temperature rises, it also calls back many side effects of summer, such as mosquitoes, this dirty fighter, sleep nuisance, parasites that live on human nutrient-rich blood like a vampire. In the season when mosquito, an evil creature, is present, whenever night falls and the bright lights gradually breath, it will appear like a ghost from a dark corner and approach quietly when you are sleepy, all of a sudden, you make a deafening noise of provocation beside your ears unscrupulously, and then by virtue of it, it can be called the first-class flight technology in the insect world, shuttling back and forth between the so-called dexterous fingers or even palms and arms that are inferior to each other, finally makes you lose your mind, just like a furious lion grinning at the air. When it tortures you to exhaustion and gives up unnecessary resistance, you will be like a delicate lady, staying gracefully in the place where your skin is bare, smoking and enjoying yourself. I don’t want to write too much about mosquito, which is a crime beyond words. Otherwise, once it thinks that I am going to gather up to resist and shout slogans to denounce it, I am afraid that I won’t have to sleep tonight. Here, I just want my compatriots who have suffered a lot from it to listen to my experience of fighting against mosquitoes for many years. That is the bitter history of tears and tears. I have discovered for a long time that it is impossible to deal with flying experts such as mosquitoes in the night when you can’t see your fingers, just relying on senses such as voice intuition, if you were not careful, you might even cover your face with the seal of stretching out your hand and leaving five fingers. This primitive method could not deal with this cunning guy. To deal with it, we can only be wise and not reckless, otherwise the best end may be both losses. First of all, I would like to introduce all kinds of weapons I used to deal with mosquitoes. The first weapon I used was mosquito-repellent incense, which was smoky after being lit. At first, I was quite proud of it, thinking that no matter how advanced its flying skills were, I can’t escape from my misty smoke, but I underestimated its ability to adapt to the environment. When I watched the mosquitoes fly into the smoke and make a blue cloud and White Crane view, the fruit is like a crane on the cloud, finally, I felt dejected. Since the traditional mosquito-repellent incense can’t let it fall quietly, then it’s better to use high-tech means. I don’t believe that this kind of primitive creature can fight against all kinds of scientific inventions that make people clap their hands. Therefore, I bought the electric mosquito incense, and after the electricity was turned on, I was annoyed to find that it was still as happy as before, wandering leisurely in the air with tango, roaring past my ears from time to time, to show that it is healthier than me at this time. Finally, in order to eliminate this nightmare ghost which disturbed my dream, I had reached the extreme of everything. I decided to lose my blood and bought the legendary ultimate anti-mosquito weapon: electric mosquito lamp box! Compared with other anti-mosquito weapons, the body of the electric mosquito lamp box is relatively large, in the shape of cube, and the front and back sides are equipped with iron nets with larger gaps, this is to prevent some boring or curious guys from putting their fingers in to test the power of the power grid, and there are two lamps which emit purple temptation in the middle of the light box, and next to the lamp tube is the mosquito-killing power grid waiting for the rabbit. I am quite satisfied with this ultimate weapon and firmly believe that it will make great contributions to me. But I was wrong again. I underestimated the horrible creature mosquito again. One week after purchasing and using the electric mosquito lamp box, I didn’t even find the body of a mosquito on the electric network of the lamp box, however, many flies full of brains were tempted to be the scapegoat of mosquitoes by purple lights. It’s right to think about it. Mosquitoes suck human blood. Of course, it is human blood lying in the body. Then its IQ is certainly not low, how can it be like a fool fly who only has appetite and sexual desire when he is born? When he sees something new, he will drill into it without thinking? Wow, so far, it seems that dealing with mosquitoes has reached a helpless position. But comrades, don’t be sad. I have found a new Trump card recently, and occasionally I have made some gains. When you are sleepy, if the roar of mosquitoes comes from your ears, don’t wave away easily, you have to hold your breath and wait. When it cries impatiently, it really runs into your ears. Then your fingers will be stuffed and you will catch turtles in the jar, which is as easy as a backdrop! Finally, please don’t tell mosquito, I am here. Like (prose editor: Jiangnan wind) the 30th year of my WeChat era The year before last, my eunuch planned to buy a smartphone for him on his birthday. 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