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Don’t want

In recent days, I have stayed up late to watch the era of naked marriage. I kept saying that the two young people seemed to be playing house. I felt very melodramatic and had nothing to see. But in the process of watching, I was still moved to sit on the ground with my back against the wall, tears crept over the whole face recklessly, as if the road he had just walked appeared before him without omission. I was just an ordinary person, and I didn’t have the courage to marry naked. Besides, there was no concept of naked marriage at that time, but I dared to give up everything for love, this will undoubtedly become the most remarkable feat in my life. You know, love, sometimes it is just a nothingness, without so much attachment, it is simply a place to die without burial, but knowing that it will end so stubbornly, this should be a realm. When you fall in love, the feeling is romantic except sweetness. You can put aside life and all constraints, and no matter what you do, you can’t build a barrier on the road of love. But once entering the marriage, how can those so-called pledges of eternal love be hit in front of the trivial details of life? In the end, Liu Yiyang only defeated love with this detail, which was full of tears. It was meaningless to retain at that moment! If it is said that living with parents-in-law after marriage is a hidden danger of the rigid relationship between husband and wife, then the relationship between husband and wife will be doomed to further collapse from the moment of giving birth to a child. Although this child is the crystallization of both of them, there are too many people who can have an endless say for this child, and the reason is grandiose. Liu Yiyang first encountered the problem of naming the child, and Tong Jiaqian also said the word that hurt the couple’s relationship the most. In fact, in life, there are many things that originally didn’t have problems with the relationship between husband and wife, but when facing problems, everyone shifted the origin of the problem; Then, the problem of feeding children, at first, my parents-in-law didn’t help looking after the child, but just took a look at it. Why did they keep blaming Liu Yiyang for the diaper she prepared for the child? That was the way young people took the child, since there is no trouble for you, please stand by and watch without saying anything. When looking at these plots, I recalled my past unconsciously. Everything was so similar and familiar. The child’s name finally failed to be as I wished, and the right was to respect the wishes of father Bao. The failure to breastfeed is still a pain in my heart, but at that time, because of this problem, I am was so embarrassed, so cruel and irresponsible, and I almost became the target of public criticism, you can be killed at any time. But maybe I was lucky because he stood beside me and supported my decision. Now, seeing the baby jumping happily and being very robust also relieves my sense of guilt to some extent. Sometimes I think if I can’t wear it by myself after giving birth to a child, it will be the biggest regret in my life. There may be a lot of reasons to refute, but after all, most couples can only have one child now. If the growth of this only child is not completed in front of their own eyes, no matter for adults or children, it will be an irreparable loss. Liu Yiyang and Tong Jiaqian had been in love for eight years, and they had no choice but to break up after living together for only one year. It can be seen that children have a great influence on the relationship between husband and wife. Children are the real weapon to test feelings. If you can’t pass this level, it means that the relationship between husband and wife has not been cultivated to a certain extent. However, if you don’t have the opportunity to experience this level, then it is a pity to say that in the long journey of emotion, I am afraid that you will never surpass this level. Sometimes, the two divorced because of the problem caused by bringing children. The litigant understood that they had no feelings and could not live together. The onlookers will say that the child can’t be without father or mother, and it is better not to leave, so as not to cause harm to the child. Personally, I think this is the weakest excuse. Is it true that I have no feelings in just one year, Eight years of love is not a game. Everything is just trivial and becomes the catalyst for the disappearance of feelings. If two people without feelings live together reluctantly for the sake of their children, that is the biggest harm to the children. In this case, how many of the divorced couples really gave up their marriage without emotion, and they were not defeated by the details. To put it bluntly, they were defeated by their heart that did not dare to face up to the reality. Therefore, if it is possible that children are the most useful prescription to sublimate the relationship between husband and wife, leave the children around and try their best to complete the whole process of children’s growth by their power, you will find that when your child grows up, your marriage will become more indestructible and impeccable! Marriage life is trivial, messy, messy and unreasonable. Under the current era background, naked marriage is a kind of courage, but it is a kind of ability to continue the prosperous marriage life afterwards. I like the songs in this play very much, and listen to them repeatedly after downloading, but only one sentence always makes me confused. I have the whole world, but I can’t have Ordinary Love. Love in love is great, which can make you feel that you have all the happiness in the world in a flash. However, the love after marriage is so ordinary. It is even so ordinary that you feel that even if you have the whole world, what does it mean to you, such an ordinary love will make you feel Steadfast and satisfied! So far, I just want to ask: men and women who are ready to enter the marriage hall, are you willing to abandon the ordinary love and ordinary happiness at this moment to own the world? In fact, Tong Jiaqian’s leaving Liu Yiyang could not be abandoned, but she didn’t choose Du Yi at the end of the play, instead, she still left the opportunity to Liu Yiyang who was not very outstanding in all aspects, this makes me see the firmness and persistence of love. Du Yi is very good, handsome and successful in career, but all of these can’t compare with the ordinary love in Tong Jiaqian’s heart. Maybe it was not appropriate to classify Liu Yiyang as a wretched man. After all, he was not bad to that extent, but compared with Tong Jiaqian’s superiority, he was also helpless. 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