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That year

[Introduction] you lean against the small village in the south of the Yangtze River with your unique posture. You said you saw me standing in the distance looking at you. It took you many years to look at you like this. You are really old, lost in Love, empty heart, wasted years. I made a phone call to you, and hung up the camera after ringing for two times. I knew you wouldn’t answer it or call back. A person just sat quietly like this. This situation had been repeating. For many years, it seemed that he had been accustomed to this way and the attitude you gave me. I didn’t sleep, and I also knew that you didn’t sleep either. I just didn’t know where you were. On a whim, I opened my red sleeve and saw the diary “the ten most important things in life” written many years ago. I should still be in Tangshan, that year, I struggled desperately for the goal I wanted to be with you, pursuing hope and happiness; That man, the silly woman you called a stupid wife every day, I have been drunk in your dream for many years. That year man silly from 05 to 08 words go and is enough binding with a large, these poles are being described as: my love policy, that’s interesting, that love continued with my insurance work, but I didn’t know how many years I chose to pay for such a policy at the beginning, and I also forgot when it could be exchanged, how to get the survival insurance that belongs to me? Maybe when I signed such an insurance policy, I forgot to write down the insurance responsibilities and obligations clearly. Is this a life-long contract insurance policy? Or is it a regular insurance? Bored, I ran to the pedestrian street yesterday and bought a small pendant. I played it alone in front of the bed at night. How many times has it been? How many times will it be flooded into the sea? In order not to let the memory fade, write down every time we meet again and again with a pen, carve every word you said carefully and soak it in the salty tearful jar, to prevent it from rotting. Tonight, I still repeat the old movements, holding silver Jingjing needles carefully connecting every drop of tears I shed for you one by one, embroidering it on the red embroidered cloth. My original intention is right, because I want to turn it into a string of safety symbols to send you and let it accompany you all over the country. I couldn’t help sending you a text message when I got up in the morning. Where are you? My thoughts got confused again. I still liked those days when I went back to Tangshan. I kept thinking about the time when you left, and that sentence of taking good care was still around my ears, that line of tears still hung on my face till now. The street in Beijing was so far away from his grandmother that it could not come to an end. The wind and sand blew my tears dry, the only light in my eyes was also covered. That year, that man was abandoned by you in the city of Beijing. I thought it was time to move. On that day, the fortune teller said, “if it is yours, you will come back, and if destined, you will definitely see him again. Yuan this thing is really fucking strange, will you come after leaving? Can you give birth if it is destroyed? I like the beautiful scenery of the West Lake, not because there are White Lady and Mr. Xu family, not because there are Lei Feng Tower and broken bridge, but because of you, because our meeting is related to the West Lake. Therefore, I wrote you into the West Lake, put a green robe on your slender body, and beautified our love story with my hot brain. I like the year of Jiangnan love when that man wandered in front of your house. You picked up my falling love and put it in your arms. You leaned against the small village in the south of the Yangtze River with your unique posture, you said you saw me standing in the distance and looking at you. It was many years since I looked at you like this. I was really old, thin and lovesick, empty my heart and wasted time. The dream was broken and continued. At this time, this man, this woman who was called stupid wife by you again and again, was drunk and died in your dream. This drunk was so drunk that we couldn’t wake up and closed our eyes and began to look forward to our future, have you seen it? That wrinkled old lady was holding an old man with his back. Don’t walk so fast. Didn’t you say you want to be my crutch? How can I walk fast? You always forget to hold my hand. Is Yo! Why do you always forget to hold my hand? Dad, Mom, I’ll take a wedding photo of Zhang Jin for you. I won’t get married until next year! At this time, this person imagines that he can still hold your hands in five or ten years. 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